Fabuloso In Toilet Tank TikTok — Another Viral Hack

The new Fabuloso In Toilet Tank TikTok hack has taken over the foryou page of TikTok. Some users have already participated in the trend while many others are trying to figure out whether this hack is harmful or not. If you are among those users who are trying to figure out its consequences then you have opened the most related post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this viral bathroom hack from TikTok.

TikTok content creators never fail to amaze us with their brainy heads. We get to see plenty of hacks from our daily lives that we don’t really know. Sometimes the hacks are so helpful that we keep following them for rest of our lives and sometimes they just blow our jobs. Currently, TikTokers are obsessed with the Fabuloso In Toilet Tank TikTok hack. Let’s get into detail to know more about this trendy hack. Stay with us!

What Is Fabuloso In Toilet Tank On TikTok

Image Of What Is Fabuloso In Toilet Tank On TikTok

Fabuloso In Toilet Tank TikTok is a bathroom cleaning hack. Users on TikTok are using Fabuloso to keep their toilet smell fresh all day long. For readers who don’t know much about Fabuloso, it is a cleaning product. It is a multi-surface cleaner that gives you sparkling clean surfaces and with a variety of uplifting fragrances.

It was first launched in Venezuela in 1980, later it was launched in Mexico in 1983 and after being launched in United States in 1996, it became a big hit. The product is created and launched by Colgate-Palmolive Company.

The important thing you should note here is, Fabuloso is specially designed to clean heard surfaces. It is multi-purpose cleaner so it contains a multi-purpose chemical formula. It can be used for various cleaning hacks but is it suitable for the Toilet Tank? Let’s get to know about it below.

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Is The Fabuloso TikTok Trend Safe?

Image Of Is The Fabuloso TikTok Trend Safe

Besides the Toilet Tank hack, content creators have also come up with various other cleaning hacks using Fabuloso. So far, the famous TikTok hashtag #fabulosohacks has racked up over 800,000 views. The videos under hashtag Fabuloso feature different cleaning techniques and hacks.

A recent video posted by a TikTok user known on TikTok as @sheiskd_ features the user, cutting a Fabuloso bottle and placing it into the toilet tank. The video has gone viral in just few days. As of now, the video has garnered 30 million likes and millions of views.

The video further features the user flushing the toilet. Upon flushing the water becomes bright in color and according to the creator it smells incredible. After 6 days of the previous video, the video creator reported that if the smell still exists you can replace the bottle after six or seven days.

After seeing the video, thousands of users have already participated in the hack, while many others are still searching to know if it is safe. Though we haven’t got any confirm information about this hack being harmful, below we are sharing some opinions of TikTok users that might help you.

A user named as @triniboy_will invited plumbers and asked about safety, “Plumbers tap in is this safe?” A user named as @pjhymas then responded 201C “Yes. It’s also a great way to save water if you have an old toilet with an oversized tank.”

A user @logan.mantor opposed the hack saying “coming from a plumber, don’t do this!! it corrodes the gaskets and seals and will cause your toilet to leak and run”

Another plumber said, “heyyy plumber here. fact, the chemicals deteriorate the rubber gaskets on tank to bowl over time and cause pre mature leaks. Same way I was created

Final Thoughts

Though there isn’t any confirmed information about Fabluso being harmful for the water tank but we would suggest you to consider an expert opinion before attempting the hack.

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