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His Vengeful Ex Wife is a Chinese novel that revolves around the heartbreaking love story of Tang Jing. Being a kind soul she gives everything to the one she loves. But in return all she receives is betrayal and hatred.

The Urban Romance novel His Vengeful Ex Wife articulates how Tang Jing’s fairytale turns into a nightmare. After being in relationship for 5 years, Tang Jing gets married to love of her life. She has always dreamed of a life full of joy and she always cherished her relationship with her boyfriend who later became her better half.

The story further articulates how a person sacrifices all their happiness for the person they love. It also discusses how an insincere partner can ruin your entire life.

After facing a lot of struggles, the female lead character finally gets married to the guy she loved since five years. She promises to be his companion in every think and thin. Despite of giving all her happiness to him, she finds that the one she loves the most has a love affair outside.

His Vengeful Ex Wife Novel

Image Of His Vengeful Ex Wife Novel

Despite of knowing about his betrayal she still stays by his side. Tang believes that her love will bring him back to her so she kept loving him. Little did she know that this would be the biggest mistake of her life. Her forgiveness becomes the biggest sin that ruined her life later.

Soon, she gets to know that her husband has got married to someone else. He then leaves her and his country behind and accompanies his new wife. The newlywed couple leaves the country and Tang’s life becomes miserable. She never thought of being betrayed by the person whom she trusted a lot. But this was the reality that she has to swallow.

His Vengeful Ex Wife Review

Soon after coming back to country, her husband and his new wife encounter a tragic accident. The new bride dies and the poor, innocent Tang gets the allegation of her murder. Yes you heard it right, though it was just an accident but Tang’s husband accuses Tang for the murder of his new bride. Tang couldn’t believe if he was the same guy who she was worshipping despite of all his nastiness.

Soon, she gets jailed for five years as she fails to prove her innocence in front of law. After getting the imprisonment, she finds herself pregnant. Though it was the happiest moment for her but at the same time she was broken. This was not the life she dreamed for her child but this is what it is. She has to accept all the realities and she has to stay alive for her baby.

His Vengeful Ex Wife Novel Story

After few months, she delivers a baby boy and her brother comes forward to take care of him. After even being treated ruthlessly she has no bad thoughts for her husband. All she says is “If you know what you did today, you will be sorry for what you did today.”

After completing five years in Jail, she decides to forget all bad phases of life. Now, she only wants to concentrate on her son, he was the only source of joy in her life. It is said that when your intentions are pure, all your worries fade away. This is what exactly happens in the story, Tang strives hard to give her son a better life and soon she becomes a famous designer and gets settled with her son.

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His Vengeful Ex Wife Read Online

Image Of His Vengeful Ex Wife Read Online

Along with her son she starts a new life happily, but this was not that easy. Soon, she encounters her ex-husband and he gets to know about their son. He thinks about getting his son back and another dark phase of Tang’s life begins.

How would she face her cruel ex in this entire situation? Will she lose her only source of joy? Would she take any offensive step to save her child from this heartless man? Find all your answers and more in the His Vengeful Ex Wife Novel.

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