Face Shrinking Filter — Here’s How To Get It

TikTok users are obsessed with shrinking their face using the viral Face Shrinking Filter from TikTok. The filter is also famous among TikTokers as ‘skinny’ filter. Here’s how to access this filter on the video sharing app.

The biggest viral trends on TikTok stem from the filters that aren’t even available among the TikTok filters. In order to come up with unique content, TikTok users rely on the filters rolled by other social media platforms besides TikTok itself.

Some of the examples of these trends are the TED Talk filter, Runaway Aurora filter and many more. Both the TED Talk filter and Runaway Aurora filter are originally made available by Instagram but they went massively popular on TikTok.

The current viral effect “Face Shrinking Filter” also doesn’t belong to TikTok but the Foryou page is overwhelmed with this filter. Let’s discover which external app is required to shrink your face.

What Is Face Shrinking Filter

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The face shrinking filter is used by TikTok users to make their faces look smaller. They apply this effect on a single image to shrink their face repeatedly until they resemble an alien. This trend is often paired with the song “Countdown” by Beyoncé in the background. Usually, the effect is applied to the pictures ten times until they come up with a bizarre look.

A user known on TikTok as @guavajuice has attempted the challenge and the video has garnered millions of views and 1.6 Million hearts from his TikTok family. Thousands of comments are also being poured into the comment section.

Some users kept inquiring about the filter while many others kept on comparing him with horses and goats. Users are joking about the funny product they get in the end.

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How To Get Face Shrinking Filter

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Before digging about the application that made this filter available let’s understand that it isn’t a filter actually. If you are thinking about getting this filter from Instagram or Snapchat then you are wrong. This effect can be accessed on a photo editing app famous as FaceApp. Follow the below steps to access this effect.

Firstly, you need to download the photo editing tool FaceApp from the App Store. Install it on your device and open the app. Now, select an image that you want to edit. After uploading the image tap on the option ‘sizes’ located in the bottom bar. Then look for the option ‘small face’ and tap on it.

Readers should note that this effect is available in the ‘pro’ section of the app. It means you will have to pay for it. However, the good news is that you still can get a free trial.

Once you have applied the effect, save it to your gallery and upload it again on FaceApp. Tap on the option ‘sizes’ then select the option “small face” and save it to your gallery. Repeat this cycle 10 times to get the final alien look.

Face Shrinking Filter TikTok

After saving all ten pictures you will have to create a video by adding all ten images in a sequence. Later add the background track “Countdown” by Beyoncé to complete the trend. Your video is now ready to be rolled over on TikTok. In the end, don’t forget to add the hashtag #Faceshrinkingfilter.

If you are not willing to pay for the Face Shrinking effect by FaceApp then you can use some other effects that are available for free. Among these effects is the Fat Face Filter that can be used to come up with some hilarious videos.

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Face Shrinking Filter from FaceApp. Hopefully, the article has answered all your queries related to this trending effect.

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