Sundress Challenge — Going Viral On TikTok

The latest challenge to go viral on the Foryou page of TikTok is Sundress Challenge. If you haven’t participated in the challenge yet, then here is how to be part of this viral trend.

With each passing day hundreds of challenges emerge on TikTok. If you are an avid user of this video sharing platform, then you will surely know the importance of these challenges. The TikTok challenges help the content creators to grow.

They help you to come up with new ideas when you fall short of content. Among these challenges some are really inspiring while many others are mere waste of time and energy. If you are a sensible content creator then you can bring out the best from these challenges.

Currently, users are obsessed with a new dress-changing trend famous on TikTok as Sundress Challenge. To complete the challenge, users have to change their outfit more than once. It helps the users to know which type of outfit suits them the most.

Let’s learn how this challenge can be completed.

What Is Sundress Challenge

Sundress Challenge is an addition to the dress-changing trends of TikTok. Like many other transformation trends on TikTok, this trend also asks the users to change their outfits multiple times in a single video. Though the challenge sounds quite simple, in reality, it’s not.

Changing your attire over and over again while coping with the previous shot will be exhausting for lazy people like me. But thousands of zealous users are participating in the trend and are getting millions of hearts from the TikTok community.

Though the challenge requires enough effort but watching the challenge is quite entertaining. In one second people are wearing different attire and upon jumping on the ground they appear with another colorful dress.

TikTok content creators are sharing their different looks wearing different types of dresses. It’s quite astonishing to watch how simple attire can change your overall appearance.

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Sundress Challenge Urban Dictionary

The meaning of Sundress Challenge on Urban Dictionary is quite different from what TikTok users perceive. According to a definition posted on Urban Dictionary, Sundress is “A one piece dress with a to-the-knee or lower hemline, usually worn by clingy, slutty, chunky-looking women during the summer, often accented by clogs, flip-flops, and the absence of panties.”

Contrary to this definition, another user on Urban Dictionary has posted a different meaning of this word. Here is what the definition says, “A really, really comfortable dress you can wear almost anywhere. That’s a really cute sundress.”

How To Do Sundress Challenge On TikTok

Image Of How To Do Sundress Challenge On TikTok

Doing the Sundress Challenge On TikTok is quite straightforward. You have to open your wardrobe and pick some dresses that you wear to university/school, wedding, on a casual dinner, while traveling or on a birthday party.

Once you have selected your dresses you are now ready to rock. Open your TikTok account and import the background track “woah by krypto9095”. The initial lyrics of the song go like,

Woah! Lookin’ at my drip, lookin’ at yo drip (woah!)

Mommy look at me, oh, I’m killin’ that (woah!)

Swinging side to side and I’m killin’ that (woah!)

Damn yo’ girl so fine, but her breath is like (woah!)

After importing the background track, tap on the record button and start with a casual look. Following this pause the video and change your attire. Start recording again with a jump on the ground.

You have to show at least 4 or 5 looks wearing different attires. Finally, your video is ready to rack hearts from the Tok-Fam. Add the hashtag #Sundresschallenge and upload your video.

Bottom Line

This was all about the trending Sundress Challenge from TikTok. Hope you have got enough information about this viral challenge. Let us know your experience in the below comment box if you have already participated in the challenge.

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