How To Find Who Views Your Profile On TikTok – Explained

A previous feature of TikTok used to Tell If Your Friends Are Viewing Your Videos Or Not but is there any other way to find who views your profile now? Let’s Discover

TikTok users were once able to find who views their profile but it was removed later. However, rumors say that the video-sharing app has re-launched this old feature that lets you know if someone views your profile. Whether it’s mere speculation or truth, you will find out in this article.

Holding over 1 Billion users, TikTok stands tall among the giant social media platforms. Unlike many other social media applications, TikTok has amassed considerable popularity in a very short time span. To cope up with its increasing popularity, TikTok works hard to enhance its user experience.

In addition, it has also come up with some new features that help the video creators to come up with engaging content. In the initial days of its launch, TikTok enabled the users to keep an eye on who visits their profile, this feature was removed lately.

But some TikTok users claim that there is another way to find who views your profile. Let’s check if there really is any such way.

How To Know Who Views Your TikTok Profile?

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Keeping an eye on all your profile visitors was once an easy deal because TikTok had a feature that used to notify its users about their profile visitors. Some TikTok users believe that this was among the most useful features while many others argue that the feature wasn’t good for their privacy.

The feature didn’t only let you know about who of your friends are viewing your profile but also used to report about random profile visitors. Even if you don’t even follow them, it would show a notification saying, “[username] just viewed your profile.”

However, this feature was removed by the video-sharing app later on. Though there is a considerable number of users who are willing to have this feature back, but the video-sharing app hasn’t addressed any such thing.

How To See Who Views My Profile On TikTok

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As far as we can tell, the video-sharing app has no plans to roll any of the features they have discontinued lately. There also isn’t any feature on the platform that lets you know who has watched each individual video on your account.

Although you will be able to see the total number of views on your video, there isn’t any way to spot each of your viewers. So, for now, the best thing you can do is, keep coming up with quality content and your video will reach every individual whom you want to watch.

As currently, the feature that helped you to keep a check on your visitors is disabled, you can roam on the platform freely. You can stalk all the accounts, without the fear of being spotted.

So, you can now browse freely, but remember do not accidentally “Like” anything if you want them knowing you’ve viewed their profile.

Further, if you don’t want random people to be able to find your account on the app, you can keep your account private. By doing so, no one will be able to spot your account without your consent. So, people whom you allow to visit your profile will only be able to check your content. Also, bear in mind that TikTok won’t notify if someone has watched your video.

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Final Thoughts

After going through all the available information, we have found that TikTok doesn’t allow you to Find Who Views Your Profile On TikTok. So, do not rely on the rumors.

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