Logan Van Dorn TikTok — The Viral Beach Video Guy

A user named Logan Van Dorn is going viral on the app after a TikTok user has uploaded a video showing him harassing a group of girls on the beach. After going viral on the app, Logan Van Dorn has also shared his side of the story. If you have missed this clip, here is all you need to know.

Being extensively used across the globe, TikTok is home to thousands of controversial videos. From videos based on speculations to some bizarre facts, we come across a variety of videos while scrolling across the Foryou page. The recent video that has paved the path for controversy is posted by a user named @ggarbagefairy. This video was filmed on the Colorado beach when a user (later recognized as Logan Van Dorn) was harassing a group of girls.

After being slammed by the TikTok users, Logan Van Dorn has also posted his side of the story. Let’s find more details about it.

Who Is Logan Van Dorn On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Logan Van Dorn On TikTok

The viral beach guy, revealed as Logan Van Dorn is a TikTok user with over 12000 followers on his TikTok handle. His TikTok content is based on music and basketball videos. Logan Van Dorn belongs to Colorado and he was filmed on a beach of Colorado in a recent viral video.

In the video, Logan Van Dorn was seen lecturing a girl gang about their swimwear. Concluded from his Instagram account, Logan Van Dorn seems a religious guy. He is also in a band and likes basketball. Logan Van Dorn has also recently proposed to his now fiancé at Lory State Park.

In the viral video posted by @ggarbagefairy, Logan Van Dorn approaches a group of girls on the beach and claimed that their bikinis were too revealing.

Logan Van Dorn Going Viral On TikTok

Image Of Logan Van Dorn Going Viral On TikTok

In the video Logan can be heard saying, “Why are you dressed this way?” to this one girl replies, I’m at the beach and I’m in a bathing suit”. The girls ask him to leave but kept lecturing.

Logan then rudely claps and insists to the girls that they are actually wearing a “thong and bra”. He also calls their clothing “P*rnography”. He further adds, “They don’t need to see p*rnography, you’re flaunting your stuff”. In reply to this the girl says, “Don’t look at me then, why are you looking at me? Close your eyes.”

Logan then argues that the freedom of speech and “Free will” prevailing in America gives him the right to state his stance.

The women then ask him to leave saying they are atheists, to which he hits back saying, “If men of God don’t stand up, then our society is going to go down the drain”. He further adds, “If you’re atheists that don’t mean you have to show your body off, you can still put clothes on… next time you come to the beach and there are young eyes, take that into consideration,”

While concluding, he urges the girls to wear a “one-piece” or something that’s “actually modest”. “You don’t need to be showing your body… there’s gonna come a day when you’re gonna have to come face-to-face with God,” he added.

As the video went viral, Logan shared his part of the story saying, he was on the beach with his family when his family saw the girls and said “Hey, we’ve got to move, there are some women here who are showing too much.” He then decided to confront them and the incident took place.

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Last Words

This was all about the viral Logan Van Dorn TikTok video and its back story. Hopefully, you have got all the information about this incident.

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