Flightreacts Baby Mama: YouTuber Has Announced His First Child and Name of Girlfriend

In this article, we will discuss “Flightreacts Baby Mama”. Flightreacts aka Kimani White has publicized that he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.

Earlier Flight has mentioned that he is not in favor of relationship and girls, which cause distraction from career goals. He told DJ Ghost in early June 2020, “For me, relationships are in the future.” “I felt like when I was in them before, it would hold me down.”

People who don’t know about the star, who has earned fame through social media, here we will explain all the information.

Who is Flightreacts Baby Mama?

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The well-known NBA 2K gamer has revealed that he is expecting a first child, recently he has shared some information about the woman with whom is having a child.

Though Flight has never introduced the mother of his child to his followers before, he described that he made a good decision at the beginning of 2019 to keep his relationship unofficial. In his previous videos, he has confessed to having a crush on a girl, and her name is Janet.

According to Flight, “The girl that was in my videos before, called my crush aka Ms. Janet. I can say that as a man, it was more than that. Definitely, it was more of just a thing I did for the first time.”

In his 6th September video, he explained that his main focus over the past years was basketball, and that is why his fans did not get to see his girlfriend Janet on his YouTube channel. Because of the current situation, Janet is ready to appear in Flight’s videos.

Both Flight and Janet are going to spend a lot of time together. Their first child will inspire them to take their relationship for a longer period. Flight says that his upcoming child has brightened the stakes of his career. And he can’t afford any mistake anymore because he has a baby to take care of.

Now, we will shed light on who he is, and what is his background.

Who is Flightreacts?

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Flightreacts whose real name is Kimani White is a content creator from the United States. He got popular for posting all types of reaction videos on YouTube. Most of his videos are based on the reactions to basketball e-sports and real-life play. And also he reacts to his reaction videos.

He has two channels on YouTube, one is with username “FlightReacts” which has more than 4.42 million subscribers and the second is “NotYourAverageFlight” which has attracted more than 2.83 million subscribers. You can say that Flight has over 7 million fans on YouTube.

Flight’s girlfriend Janet who got fame while the association with Flight, has a wish to start her own social media career. Her YouTube channel has just over 5 thousand subscribers so far.

Flight has an incredible career on YouTube, but he has another dream from his childhood that he wants to play in the NBA. He played basketball in his school life, but an injury in the 9th grade took him away from the game. He spent his free time smoking, and because he was high most of the time, and people started calling him Flight.

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The famous YouTube Flightreacts had announced the arrival of his first child. According to him at the beginning, he was no fan of relationships and girls, but now his life has changed. He revealed his girlfriend whose name is Janet with whom he is starting a family. According to him he dating Janet is not official. He is popular for most of his videos based on reactions to other videos.

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