Whirlpool Effect A Swirling Effect On TikTok And Instagram

Have you ever heard about whirlpool effect? Let us discuss an effect that is being viral on Instagram and in the TikTok app.  The name of the filter is the Whirlpool effect, which results in our image wavy like a whirlpool.

The Whirlpool effect is only for a while in the TikTok app, but you can use it in your Instagram story.  The Whirlpool effect is currently used by most TikTok users, so many of them challenge their friends using the Whirlpool Challenge hashtag.

By using the Whirlpool Filter effect on your videos it make more funny and interesting video by transforming your face into Swirl like effect on your videos.

The effect is called Whirlpool and it’s a built-in camera effect on TikTok. You can find it under “Effects” when making a TikTok. By the name itself we can guess what sort of effect this is. When you make a video using a whirlpool filter you video seems like a quickly rotating mass of water. Actually it is like your video sinks from the center of your screen.

The video looks pretty good in this filter. Snapchat users are demanding for this filter. You can entertain yourself with a whirlpool effect. These videos have gained a lot of traction on TikTok. Users are getting millions of views and likes TikTok users have shown creative ideas using this filter.

Interesting thing is that the sound gets distorted, which is really funny. Some TikTokers  also make whirlpool filter videos of their pets to see how will they look like in this filter.

Whirlpool Effect On TikTok

The whirlpool effect filter became very popular now on the tiktok videos, instagram stories/posts and Snapchats as well and the Pucker Up filter on tiktok is also being used by many TikTok users.

Then click on the search bar and type “Whirlpool” and many users are posting challenge videos using the hashtag #Whirlpool challenge or #Whirlpooleffectchallege, #Whirlpoolfilterchallenge etc., getting more attention on TikTok.

The Filter effect called Whirlpool Filter effect is going as a trending filter on TikTok right now and many users are also searching for this filter effect everywhere on Snapchat Lenses and Instagram filters search tab like “whirlpool effect Instagram” and “whirlpool filter Snapchat” on Snapchat as well.

Image of whirlpool effect

How to Get Whirlpool Effect On TikTok?

For those of you who show interest in following this challenge, I will give you steps on how to get Whirlpool effect TikTok and Instagram.  The following explanation will guide you.

1.        Open the TikTok app and click on the ‘discover’ icon in the bottom bar.

2.      Click on the search bar at the top and type in ‘whirlpool’.

3.       Click on a video that has used the filter.

4.       Above their username it should say ‘whirlpool’ with an orange star icon next to it.

5.       Press this and either add the filter to your favorites to use it later, or press the camera icon to apply it to your video now.

6.      If you want to upload the video to Snapchat, simply save the video to your camera roll.

Do Whirlpool Effects Available on Snapchat?

Whirlpool effect Is not available on snapchat. In future, the creator may introduce this on snapchat too. If you want to share your whirlpool effect video with your snapchat friend there is a method too.  

For that first of all make a video with whirlpool on TikTok. Then save it to your camera roll. After that send it to your Snapchat friends. You should have a TikTok app on your device otherwise there is no other option.

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I hope you have learnt enough about whirlpool filters on TikTok and Instagram. make videos using the amazing feature to share with you friends. Get views and have fun.

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