Gacha Club Outfit Ideas: Dress Up Your OCs with Exciting Designs

This article is based on Gacha Club Outfit Ideas. Gacha Club is a game for kids and teenage children. It is developed and released by Lunime in June 2020. The game is available on different platforms including Android and Windows and recently launched for iOS as well.

Since the game’s release, the game owning company has predetermined contests. The participants who win these contests become part of these clubs.

Meanwhile, Gacha Club offers 4 mini-games that reward gems and special coins used to get unusual units available only through the mini-games section. Currently, these games consist of Lemo and Yuni Dance, Memory Match, Usagi vs Lemo, and Mascot Whack.

Now, we will what are the different Gacha Club outfit ideas.

What are the Gacha Club Outfit Ideas?

In this game most of the part on phones involves dressing up and customization of the character. The users pick up a character and personalize the character in their way.

Image of Gacha Club Outfits

Down below are the different outfit ideas that can be used while personalizing the character.

Your Chibis are Going to School

Meanwhile, the game is mostly played by kids, so there is an outfit idea that will make Gacha OCs as if they are going to school. They have to pick a formal shirt, trousers, and skirt with contrasting other accessories like tie, shoe, socks, etc. This way, Chibi will look like it is ready to go for school.

Vintage Dress-Up

You can give your Gacha OC a style from the past. Well, you can trace it from the old movie or an old comic book. You can also add some accessories which you don’t you mainly like gloves, bows, etc.

Chibi Goes to Work

Give your chibi a formal dress that goes well with your character’s occupation and must add other accessories that will give it a professional look like a fancy bag, gadget, etc.

A Gacha Wedding

Image of Gacha Club Hairstyles

Another best idea while personalizing your Gacha Club OC is to dress up them with a wedding suit. In this idea, you can try different Gacha Club hairstyles and other interesting accessories for OCs head and face.

Superhero in Chibi Style

If you like a fictional character as well as your Gacha, then you have also an option to put your Gacha OCs into superhero’s outfits. You can add other accessories masks, props, caps, wings, and a lot more depending on how you want your chibi to look like.

Tomboy Chibi

Another interesting way to dress up your Gacha OCs will be to create a hipster or tomboy outfit for your character. The best way to give a tomboy look is to add baggy clothing with different interesting colors, graphic tees, torn jeans/trousers, etc. Also add shades, cowboy shoes, and a hat to give it a bold look.

A Royal Look

Image of Gacha Club OC Styles

You can give your OC a king like an appearance with the help of some prince or princess outfits. It can be a conservative or casual look. The use of maximum jewelry and a crown will give it the best look.

Twinning your Chibis

You can design the same outfit for two of your OCs to make them a twin. It can give OCs the impression of siblings, couples, or best friends. For this, you have to give them the same outfit and accessories.

Cute Gothic OCs

Gothic style has been a very famous trend in any dress-up game, and making goth OCs is still something many users love to do. For this, you should dress up your chibis in dark and dramatic colors. The black color with intricate accessories will give a more dashing look to your OCs.

Image of Gacha Club Hairstyle Ideas

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Well, these styles are not the final there many others you can choose to create your character. You can mix up two different ideas to give it a different look. And also you can many more ideas from the Gacha Club OCs. Creating a character is not limited to dressing it up. You can personalize its face, eyes, and there are many Gacha Club hairstyles available.

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