Gemini Season Meme – Here’s All You Need To Know About

With the commencement of Gemini season, meme creators have pulled up their sleeves to roll the most relatable Gemini memes. If you are yet to know about these memes, here is a detailed description for you.

As the Gemini season has begun on May 21st, it is time for the twin sign to shine all over. Geminis are people born between May 21 and June 20. The twin sign of the Gemini star symbolizes the duality of their nature. They are further perceived as heartbreakers. Being allergic to boredom, they are known as people full of energy and fun. If you have known someone belonging to this star, you would agree that they are the life of parties.

Being extremely socialized they often become the content for meme creators. Hence, among all other zodiac signs Gemini is most vulnerable to fall prey for the meme content.

If you are a true Gemini, you are going to experience some extremely relatable memes in the upcoming paragraphs. Stay Tuned!

What Is Gemini Season Meme

Image Of What Is Gemini Season Meme

Having a lot of understanding of their audience, meme creators come up with trendy, funny and, timely memes. As the Gemini season is right here, memesters are not missing any chance of roasting them. Most of the memes are directed towards their dual personalities.

Beside meme creators, people born in Gemini season also are coming up with hilarious content. Therefore, Twitter and all other social media platforms are overwhelmed with Gemini memes. While sharing an image of a smiling white puppy with long hair, @sarah from twitter has posted “Gemini season is here which means I’m back on my bullshit and feeling myself again”.

Another user posted about how they get to know openly about the hatred of people and the way they manage to stay calm instead of being defensive. In one Twitter post, a user named @Diana London has posted a picture of two smiling twins having juice glasses in their hands with the caption, “No one: Geminis on May 21st.”

Origin Of Gemini Season Meme

Image Of Origin Of Gemini Season Meme

There is not any confirmed information about the origin of the Gemini Season Meme, but most probably it has originated from Twitter. We were able to spot memes from 2019 on Twitter but the memes seem to have been started way earlier than 2019.

In most of the Gemini season memes, Twitter users roast their Gemini friends for being heart brokers and also for having dual personalities. These people are also known for not giving a shit about people’s opinions, they live their lives to the fullest hence you will miss the liveliest drama if you won’t invite your Gemini friend to the party.

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Spread Of Gemini Season Meme

As the Gemini sun has finally appeared, the Gemini season memes have spread all across the internet. Here is a collection of hilarious memes that you should not miss.

1. “It’s mf Gemini season so, talk to me nice or don’t talk to me at all!

2. “Why is there a support group for people who dated Geminis on Facebook”.

3. “Started my period on the first day of Gemini season because I bleed for my people.”

4. “Gemini placements and putting on a movie just to ignore it and continue using their phone”.

5. “Can’t wait till gender is extinct so baby showers will have a banner like “It’s a Gemini”.

6. “I am my Soulmate. This is Gemini culture”.

7. “Nobody: Geminis: just does exactly what I say at all times & we shouldn’t have any problems”.

Bottom Line

This was all about the Gemini season and the hilarious memes it brings with it. Let us know in the below comment box whether you can relate to any of the memes discussed above or not.

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