Dab Me Up Meme — All About The Viral Meme

If you are an avid Twitter user then you might have seen the viral Dab Me Up Meme. If you are unable to understand what it actually means, then here is all you need to know.

Memes are most popular way of communicating in today’s social media world. Like all other social networks, trendy, funny and, timely memes have become a staple element for the Twitter users as well. Most of the memes are created by people who have the knowledge of their audience and trends. Sometime memes themselves become viral trends just like the current Dab Me Up Meme trend.

Starting from Twitter, this new meme trend has taken the internet by storm. However, it isn’t easy for social media users to understand the meaning of newly viral memes. The same is the case with Dab Me Up Meme. Thousands of users are unable to understand the meaning of the Dab Me Up Meme. If you are among those Twitter users, here is a detailed explanation of this meme.

What Is Dab Me Up Meme

Image Of What Is Dab Me Up Meme

“Dab Me Up” is a custom yellow emoji having a golden tooth. It also holds its arm as if it’s going to dab someone up. There also is a text written with it that reads “dab me up.” Though this funny emoji isn’t in the official list of emojis still it has become far more popular than the official ones.

Dab Me Up emoji first appeared on Twitter as a reaction image but later multiple variations of it appeared in a very short time span. The first famous variant of this emoji is a reaction image that features two similar emojis dabbing each other up.

Dab Me Up Meme Meaning 

The popular phrase “Dab me up” has derived from a slang term ‘dap me up’. Usually “dap me up” is used as a slang term to greet someone. It can also be perceived as a friendly way to greet someone by shaking hands or hugging.

In recent years the phrase “Dap me Up” has changed into Dabbing. Dabbing is a popular way of saying hello among youngsters. It started in 2015 and since then youngsters say hello by pointing one arm up towards the sky whilst dropping their head into their other arm.

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Origin Of Dab Me Up Meme

There isn’t any confirmed information about the origin of this meme but it initially appeared in a YouTube video. A user named DoubleJTheG posted a video that featured him spamming an Instagram group chat with the Dab Me Up emoji. He kept sending this emoji until he was kicked out of the group. This viral video was first seen in January this year.

After going viral on YouTube, it hopped up to various other social media platforms. Currently, it is the most viral meme on Twitter. The talented meme creators are also coming up with side-splitting variations of it.

Spread Of Dab Me Up Meme

Image Of Spread Of Dab Me Up Meme

Starting its journey from YouTube Dab Me Up meme is now found in every group chat and the comment box. Social media users are even posting the meme on the Facebook wall of their friends.

Some people are so irritated by this meme that they have asked their fellow users to stop dabbing them up. After encountering hundreds of Dab me up memes a user from Twitter has said, “I’m scared I keep seeing dab me up memes” Another added, “NO STOP DONT SAY “DAB ME UP” AGAIN”.

Bottom Line

With new memes emerging on the internet, users are getting to know about new ways of interacting with their friends. Let us know your outlook about these trending memes from social platforms.

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