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Gena Tew is a TikTok content creator who has been documenting her AIDS journey for quite a long time. This social media influencer is getting a lot of attention from TikTok users lately, thus we have decided to know more about her life. If you are willing to know all the details about Gena Tew, you have reached the right spot. Here is everything you need to know about Gena Tew and her journey of suffering from AIDS.

Millions of content creators from across the globe have amassed popularity after joining this video-sharing app. Some people have been sharing their talent with us while others are trying to make a difference by sharing their sufferings on the platform.

The platform has also helped several users make their living simply by sharing their life journeys. One such user who has gotten considerable attention from TikTok users is Gena Tew, and she is known for her journey of fighting AIDS.

Gena Tew first opened up about having AIDS in March 2022 in a TikTok video. In the video, she revealed that she has “gone through hell” and was still “going through hell.”

Who Is Gena Tew On TikTok?

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The readers who are not aware of who Gena Tew is, she is a social media star with over 401 thousand TikTok followers. She also has over 20 thousand followers on Instagram.

This TikTok content creator has boasted the spotlight after she started sharing videos about her AIDS diagnosis. Since March 2022, Gena Tew has been updating her social media fans about her journey.

She is using her TikTok handle to create awareness about this deadly disease and she is trying to make a difference. In one of her recent videos, she added that “although TikTok is not meant to be educational or a documentary”, she “appreciates that people are getting awareness about AIDS.”

According to the available information, Gena Tew is currently 27 years old. Gena is often seen addressing the questions of her fans related to AIDS.

What Happened To Gena Tew TikTok?

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Talking to her fans about her AIDS journey, Gena revealed in one of her TikTok videos:

“I do not know who gave it to me or where I got it, all I know is that because I was so sick to the point of death, they said I had to have had it for eight to ten years. At that time frame, I was in New York City and I was homeless.”

She also revealed that she has been assaulted whilst living in New York. Gena further revealed that she also had gotten free tattoos, so it “could have been from a dirty needle.”

Tew further added, “Did I know those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happen? No, because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young”.

Currently, this TikTok influencer is struggling hard to cope with her illness. Her mobility is being affected thus she is seen using a wheelchair. In one of the videos shared in May, Gena revealed that she still couldn’t walk.

Later in June, Tew was seen in the hospital where she said that she was “so weak” that she couldn’t speak properly.

By the end of June, Tew shared another video where she told her fans that she was “still weak” but “trying every day”.

Later in another update posted in July, Tew said that she was able to roll herself in her wheelchair.

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The Last Words

This was all about who Gena Tew on TikTok is and her life journey. Hopefully, you have found all the information you were looking for.

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