Vabbing At The Gym Trend TikTok – Explained

Vabbing at the gym is the current vulgar trend taking over the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok. If you have no idea about what this trend is all about, we have broken down everything about this trend here in this article. Keep reading!

It is no surprise to witness vulgar content on TikTok as the platform is famous for its controversial content. The app is being banned in several countries for its poor content. From sexually explicit videos to harmful content, the platform has it all.

Although the platform is now taking all essential measures to regulate the content on the platform, there is still a lot to be done to make the platform a safe place for all users.

Just recently, TikTok’s girl army is seen getting involved in a gross trend and the majority of TikTok users are not happy about it. The trend has taken a bizarre name ‘Vabbing At The Gym’ and the TikTok users are not happy about it at all. Several users have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure over this bizarre trend.

So, what is the Vabbing At The Gym trend on TikTok all about, and how has it emerged? We have explained everything below. Stay tuned!

What Is The Vabbing At The Gym Trend?

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Vabbing At The Gym is the latest bandwagon popular for all bad reasons. The trend began at the beginning of July and so far it is being attempted by thousands of users.

As far as the name of this trend is concerned, it is a combination of two different words. It is a mix of the word ‘Dabbing’ which is a dance form and ‘vagina’. The trend involves a weird concept of dabbing the vaginal secretions on the body as if it is a perfume.

The idea that makes the users ‘Vabbing’ is, that a few content creators have an opinion that upon putting the vaginal secretions on pressure points, like your neck and wrists you can easily attract your potential sexual partner.

It is scientifically proven that Vaginal fluids do contain pheromones, which are secreted bodily chemicals responsible for triggering a social response in another individual. People believe that applying this fluid to your pressure points will make you attractive to your partner.

Taking this concept the TikTok female content creators has made a new trend of Vabbing At The Gym. Not in the club, nor on the date, the women these days are doing it at the gym.

Vabbing Meaning TikTok

Image Of Vabbing Meaning TikTok

The trend has taken over the platform but the majority of users are not happy about it. Several users have taken it to Twitter to reveal how disgusting they found the trend to be. One user wrote on Twitter, “I just found out what Vabbing is and I—bro why are you doing that?! Like this girl did it in the gym!?!? Babeeeeee”.

Another said, “saw a TikTok of someone vabbing at the gym. you’re literally touching and sharing equipment with other people bro wtf and if you’re doing gross things like that i bet u don’t even clean the damn equipment when”.

“Just saw a tic tok of a girl vaBBing at the gym…. more of a reason to wipe equipment before using”, said another user alongside a crying emoticon.

“Thanks to a TikTok of a girl at the gym, I know now what vabbing is. I hope yall wash your hands doing that in public,” said one.

“Between covid, monkeypox, and ‘vabbing’, it’s crazy to see people still not wiping down gym equipment after they use it,” complained another.

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The Last Words

This was all about the disgusting Vabbing At The Gym Trend on TikTok and its bizarre philosophy. Hopefully, you have found all the essential information you were looking for.

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