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If you are an avid user of TikTok you might have come across the viral phrase “Get Waves” but do you know its real meaning? I believe you are not aware of its meaning. So, here we have explained all about the viral TikTok phrase “Get Waves”.

TikTok users are aware of the fact that not a single day passes without a new trend, dance video, or meme gaining traction on the video-sharing app. From creators using slang terms to coming up with new dance trends, there are multiple ways to create content on this Chinese video-sharing app.

The newest sensation that is getting traction recently is “Get Waves” but the majority of TikTok users aren’t aware of its meaning. Some users have the opinion that the term “Get Waves” refers to a sport while some argue it is centered on a popular hairstyle. Let’s discover what the term actually means.

What Does Get Waves Mean On TikTok

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TikTok is a platform full of confusion, from its acronyms to slang terms; it is quite difficult to cope if you aren’t a regular scroller. Some terms might baffle you totally as they mean opposite to what they actually sound.

Following several other viral phrases, “Get Waves” has also made its place among the viral slangs of TikTok. This viral phrase actually refers to a hairstyle for men and boys. Once done perfectly, the hairstyle gives your hair a look of waves; hence the name “Get Waves” is being given to it.

To achieve this hairstyle, you will require washing and brushing your hair using a wave brush. Once done, you have to place a du-rag or headscarf over your damp hair to come up with a wavy look.

This hairstyle doesn’t all hair types and curly hair textures are ideal as curly hair can easily give you a wavy look.

Get Waves TikTok

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Although the phrase “Get Waves” refers to an ideal hairstyle for people having curly hair, it has also become a joke recently.

The meaning provided by Urban Dictionary is totally different than what it actually means on TikTok. If someone writes a comment saying “Get waves”, he/she is asking to get the “Get waves” hairstyle despite the content of the video.

Browsing through the viral hashtag Get Waves, we have found that, the people with long hair are being asked to get the hairstyle. However, some content creators have refused to create the hairstyle while there are also some, who have got the hairstyle and also documented their journey.

Some content creators have shared the process of creating waves after documenting their whole journey. In a duet with @Ricothewaver, the popular content creator @Jamar_hall6 has shared the whole process. In the video duet, @Ricothewaver shares his reaction while Jamar shares the whole process starting with using an Afro pick to lift his hair without fully detangling it.

Following this, Jamar applies conditioner to his hair and again uses an Afro pick to detangle. Next, he uses a comb to make his hair smooth. Next, he rinses out the conditioner and applies shampoo to his hair. He continues using a detangling brush to brush his hair from back and front to come up with a wavy pattern.

After smoothing his hair a little bit more with shampoo, he wraps up his hair using a du-rag. Next, he washes off the shampoo and shares his fresh waves with the fans. The video has earned staggering 75.5 million views so far.

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Last Words

This was all about the viral phrase Get Waves and its meaning on TikTok. Hopefully, the phrase makes sense now.

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