Ankha Animal Crossing On TikTok — Viral Cat Video Explained

The animal crossing character Ankha is featured in an explicit video recently on TikTok. Since the video is uploaded on the video-sharing platform, it is storming the fyp page of all major social media giants. If you have missed the video, here is all you need to know.

Nintendo fans are in after coming across an explicit video featuring animal crossing character Ankha. The video is currently going viral on TikTok and Twitter.

In response to the video, Nintendo fans do not seem much happy. They have taken it to Twitter and other social media platforms to urge people not to share the video anymore. However, the video is still standing on the fyp page of various social media platforms.

Here is more about the viral Ankha Animal Crossing from TikTok, and fans’ reactions to it.

Who Is Ankha?

Image Of Who Is Ankha

If you aren’t a Nintendo fan, you might not be familiar with the character Ankha. It is basically an Islander in the Animal Crossing World. The name of this Egyptian cat is based on “Ankh” which is said to be an Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means “Life”. The name suits this character perfectly as Ankha is an Egyptian cat.

If you are an avid user of Animal Crossing, you might have seen Ankha in almost every game bar including Animal Forest, Wild World, and Pocket Camp.

As far as Ankha’s personality is concerned, it is titled “Snooty” because it appears to be arrogant to the Animal Crossing player at first. As the player spends enough time with her, she’ll warm up to them.

However, the role Ankha plays in the game field is totally different from what she appears as in TikTok’s viral video. Resultantly, the Nintendo fans aren’t quite happy with it and are asking to get the video down from all the social media platforms.

Viral Ankha Animal Crossing Video

Image Of Viral Ankha Animal Crossing Video

The viral Ankha Animal Crossing Video surfaced for the first time in February. However, it has now resurfaced on Twitter and TikTok and is garnering millions of views. The video takes its roots back to Twitter but it is quite popular on TikTok these days. This viral video is credited to a Twitter user, @ZONE. Following him, another content creator posted the explicit animation.

The two-minute-long video showcases Ankha involving in s*xual activity to a music track playing in the background. To avoid it from getting banned from TikTok, some users are cropping the NSFW elements out.

After watching the video, most of the Nintendo fans are wishing that they hadn’t seen this video. Here is how fans reacted to the viral Ankha Animal Crossing video.

One Twitter user wrote, “Why did I watch the ankha video”. Another user wrote, STOP RETWEETING THE VIDEO OF ANKHA FROM ANIMAL CROSSING I DONT NEED TO SEE IT EVERY DAY.”

“Chile I’m into animal crossing too and I regret seeing the ankha video. Never gonna see her the same way”, said the third user.

@Livi from Twitter asked, “Why does TikTok keep showing me that Ankha video on my fyp”. Somebody else discussed how the video is flaunting across their fyp. They wrote, “my whole fyp is about the ankha video no”. While another user simply asked, “So y’all Seen the animal crossing video too..?”

Although the video is garnering millions of views, fans aren’t happy with the video. They have also expressed their displeasure on various social media platforms.

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Last Words

This was all about the viral Ankha Animal Crossing video from TikTok and Twitter. Hopefully, this article has provided all available information about the explicit video. Drop a comment below, if you need any further clarification.

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