Gorilla Glue Girl TikTok Is Making Headlines Again

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you must be familiar with the girl who applied Gorilla Glue on her hair and had faced several complications. Well, the Gorilla Glue Girl has again gone viral on the Chinese video-sharing app for another hair situation. What happened to Gorilla Glue Girl’s hair now? let’s find out together.

Every now and then TikTok users come up with videos that just leave most of us in awe. A dumb TikTok user went viral on the video-sharing app last year for applying industrial adhesive on her hair after confusing it for a hair spray. Following the dumb gorilla glue girl, another user applied the adhesive on his lips and ended up in the hospital. Both these users however faced several complications but now they were doing well until the Gorilla Girl decided to dye her hair.

Tessica Brown known on TikTok as Gorilla Glue girl is making headlines on the video-sharing app again. Here is what Tessica has done to her hair now.

Gorilla Glue Girl’s Viral TikTok

Image Of Gorilla Glue Girl’s Viral TikTok

It seems like Gorilla Glue is not happy with her hair at all.

A recent video sees the popular Gorilla Girl holding clumps of her hair after dyeing them brown. This video has become viral on the app amassing over 2.1 million views so far.

In the viral video, Tessica shows how her hair is falling off her scalp two days after she dyed them brown. The video creator thought that her hair had recovered now so they can take the chemicals easily, but her perception was wrong. This experiment has yet again ended up as a horrible experience.

The Gorilla Glue girl wanted to cover her grey hair so she took the decision to color her hair. After the famous glue incident, she hadn’t meddled with her hair.

As soon as she applied the color to her hair, her scalp started to burn. She washed off the color immediately but that was of no use. After this hair-dye experiment, her hair has started to separate from her scalp and she cannot even comb her hair now.

What Happened To Gorilla Glue Girl’s Hair?

Image Of What Happened To Gorilla Glue Girl’s Hair

As revealed by The Post, Tessica is currently trying to fix her hair by seeking stem cell therapy from LA FUE Hair Clinic in Pasadena, California. The PRP shots that she is taking are supposed to stop her hair fall and promote growth.

In an email Tessica’s manager Gina Rodriguez told the outlet, “She is hoping it will work, otherwise, her next option is to shave her head and start over.”

As Tessica has uploaded this video on her TikTok handle, it has again gone viral on the internet. Users are going mad about what the Gorilla Glue girl is doing with her hair. Some users have dropped their suggestions in the comment box, while many others seem angry about her dumbness.

Here are some of the comments made by TikTok users on Gorilla Girl’s recent viral video.

One person wrote, “Ma’am at this point, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE”

Another added, “Baby just go natural. Stop touching stuff.”

“I’m just gonna be nice and say stop doing ya hair. Just stop, never again. EVA! Try bald. bald is easy. Hugs”, added another user.

Most of the TikTok users have felt sorry for her hair while others have requested to stop ruining them; they have simply asked her to stop playing with her scalp as it is getting serious now.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the Gorilla Glue Girl and her recent video that has gone viral on the video-sharing app. We just hope that Tessica finds a permanent solution for her hair problems.

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