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With each passing day, TikTok users come across new songs, and this time they are curious to know about the song that has popularized from the Chocolate Barbie Trend. If you are among these users looking for the details of the song featured in Chocolate Barbie Trend videos, we have got you covered. Here is everything you must know about this viral trend.

If you are looking to adorn your videos with some amazing tracks, TikTok has now become the go-to platform. You will find all varieties of songs on the Chinese video-sharing platform. From rap songs to old sea shanties, you will find every track here.

This time the song from the chocolate Barbie trend is making the heads turn around. Users are snooping across the internet to know the title of Chocolate Barbie Trend’s signature track. For all those users searching, here is the answer.

What Is The Song From Chocolate Barbie Trend?

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The chocolate Barbie trend from TikTok has got popularity on the video-sharing app recently. It is a simple trend and every user can get onto it. This easy-to-hop trend is based on a real-life situation and every video creator has depicted it differently.

The trend has become massively popular after thousands of users have hopped into it. Another factor that has added to the trend’s popularity is its catchy song.

Although the background track of Chocolate Barbie Trend is quite appealing, most users are not aware of its title and origin.

Well, the song that the majority of video creators are using in their videos is a mix of Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust and Harlem Spartans’ Mad About Bars. However, the original Mad About Bars song features Bis & MizOrMac.

The lyrics of the song from Chocolate Barbie Trend go as, “Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a yo/ In the back is Jo, I’m riding shotgun, the drivers unknown.”

The lyrics of this song are taken from Harlem Spartans song, while the beats come from Another One Bites The Dust. So it is a mixed version turned into a song for TikTok users.

This soundtrack is being created and rolled by a TikTok content creator named Drill Sensei. Drill has created several other similar edits, thus is quite popular for his creativity among the TikTok users.

Chocolate Barbie Trend TikTok

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The viral videos that come under the umbrella of the chocolate Barbie trend are narrating real-life experiences through text. While creating the video, as the beat drops and lyrics say, “Bake in the party, chocolate Barbie waiting on me for a yo”, the video creators start nodding their heads while syncing their movement to match the fast beats.

Several TikTok stars have participated in the trend thus adding to its popularity. Alex Johnston, a popular TikTok creator has also participated in this trend accompanied by his newborn baby. Alex captioned the video, “When mum gets her b**bies out,” and then he starts bobbing his head whilst donning a pair of glasses. The camera then turns to his newborn baby who also was wearing a pair of glasses and was nodding his head.

Many other TikTok content creators have rolled their own version of the Chocolate Barbie trend and the audience is enjoying them to the fullest. Most content creators have made funny videos and users are pouring thousands of comments under these hilarious videos.

In the comment box of one of the videos one TikTok user wrote, “I’m laughing way too hard at this.”

Another said, “she found it funny too, I’m sure.”

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Bottom Line

This was all about the popular Chocolate Barbie trend and the track that has become popular following this viral challenge. Hopefully, you have got all the essential details you needed to know.

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