Have You Ever Been In Love TikTok: Trending Sound Track

Another day and another soundtrack “Have You Ever Been In Love” is trending on TikTok. We are encountering countless videos with this soundtrack but where does it come from? Let’s find out.

Every single week, we get to hear a new soundtrack that everyone uses. Similar to the TikTok filters and effects, these audio tracks also create viral trends and challenges. Resultantly, there are thousands of tracks available for TikTok users to choose from.

Some audio tracks are simply audio recordings of memes and funny videos while most of the tracks are taken from famous song albums and movies. There also are original sound tracks recorded by the users themselves.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you might have heard the ‘waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things’ audio that became massively popular in early 2021. This audio was stuck in the minds of TikTok users as they encountered hundreds of videos using this crying-singing voice of a little girl.

Currently, the TikTok squad is obsessed with a new soundtrack that asks, Have You Ever Been In Love? Let’s discover more about this background track.

What Is Have You Ever Been In Love On TikTok

Image Of What Is Have You Ever Been In Love On TikTok

Have You Ever Been In Love is a new viral sound track that is taken from a famous TV show. It is actually a conversation between two girls which goes like below:

First girl: “Have you ever been in love?”

Second girl: “I don’t think so.”

First girl: “Do you want me to describe it to you?”

The audio ends with “That’s what love feels like.”

After this, you will witness different pictures or video clips appearing on your screen. Some people are using this sound track to show their love life while many others have added a slide show compilation of aesthetic pictures and video clips.

In the very beginning the trend was confined to couples who used it to show how they spend their life with their partner. More precisely, it was about expressing love for their partner. Now, the trend has changed enough.

People are showing random pictures of sunsets, beaches, mountains, oceans to show their love for Mother Nature. Pet lovers have taken this trend to a whole new level by sharing adorable pictures of their pet dogs and cats.

As the trend is sweeping the Foryou page, TikTok users are wondering to get a clue about where did this soundtrack come from. If you are among those wondering users, jump to the next paragraph and know everything about it.

Have You Ever Been In Love TikTok Sound

Image Of Have You Ever Been In Love TikTok Sound

As described earlier, this soundtrack is taken from a popular TV series. After knowing the name of the series you will be ashamed of not realizing it earlier. Well, this sound track is extracted from the classic teen show Skins.

The two girls in the conversation are Cassie and Jal. And this sound track is taken from series two, episode five of Skins. In the shot, Cassie describes what love feels like whilst holding a knife in her hands. The story of this shot revolves around Chris and Cassie, where Chris and Jal fall in love and later Cassie tells Chris, Jal has left him so that they can get together.

While the dialogue is identified to be extracted from Skins, the music in the background is from the cover of Kanye West’s Runaway done for the show West World.

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Concluding Words

This was all about the trending dialogue “Have You Ever Been In Love” and the aesthetic music taken from Runaway. Hopefully, the article has enlightened you with all the details you needed to know.

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