Social Security Scam: All Details Provided [June 2021]

Social Security Scam has become common now and nearly half of Americans have fallen to such scams in the year 2020 according to a survey by SimplyWise. Here is how to identify and avoid such scams.

With improved technological advancements, scammers are coming up with more power than before. Scamming tactics are also becoming advanced and it has become difficult to identify them. Before people identify and report such scams, crooks get successful in their evil purposes by looting innocent people.

Currently, a group of fraudsters is active who are pretending to be from Social Security. They pose as government officials and ask you to send money or share your important credentials that can later be used for identity theft.

Here is more about the Social Security Scam and the ways to avoid it.

What Is Social Security Scam

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The Social Security Scam is one of the common forms of government impostor scam where fraudulent people contact you and ask you to share your important credentials. They may also threaten you to send money. These imposters may sometimes use legitimate names and phone numbers of Social Security Employees. So it becomes difficult for people to recognize it as a scam.

One common method the imposters use is, they will call you saying your security number has been suspended because of being linked to criminal activities. They will further ask you to confirm your number so that they will reactivate it or get you a new number for a fee.

They will threaten you about imprisonment if you don’t pay the fine or provide your details. The foremost thing you need to understand is that Social Security never blocks or suspends any number.

The second tactic these crooks use is, they will call you saying your bank account is at risk due to the illicit activity. They will again offer you help against a fee. You might also get a call from a fake Social Security Representative saying they have increased your cost-of-living benefits. In order to get this increased money, they will ask you to verify your name, date of birth, and Social Security number.

Social Security Fraud Calls 2021

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As the scammers get your important credentials, they can easily hijack your accounts. It can be done by asking the SSA to change all the details including address, phone number, and direct deposit information. This way, they can simply divert your benefits to their accounts and you won’t even be able to change anything later on.

The next tactic is email scamming. Scammers will send you fake emails pretending to be from SSA. You will be advised to click on a link that will keep you safe from all sorts of Social Security frauds. Upon clicking the link, you will be directed to a fake Government website that will eventually steal your information.

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How To Stop Social Security Scam Calls

Here are the ways using which you can keep your Social Security Number Safe

1. Hang up the call if someone claims to be the SSA representative.

2. Be vigilant while responding to anonymous numbers and confirm the news from authorized sources before relying on them.

3. Use robocall-blocking app on your phone to get rid of similar scams.

4. Do not click on links that pretend to be from SSA. Check the links by simply hovering over the link to avoid such issues.


6. If you ever encounter such scams, do report it to the concerned authorities.

Final Words

Social Security Scams have risen to an extent that the Social Security Administration and Office of the Inspector General have also warned people about the potential threats. So, be vigilant, be responsible!

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