Hidden Cat Challenge — Aren’t You Able To Find It Yet?

Have you seen a rocky picture (captioned, Hidden Cat Challenge) flaunting on internet lately? Want to know what does this challenge actually mean? Want to know how the challenge emerged? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space. Keep reading and get to know the back-story of big cat challenge.

As of Friday morning this week, a picture of some rocks was tweeted by US Fish and Wildlife Service (UFWS). An eagled eye user spotted a mountain lion in the rocky picture and commented about it. While other users were just considering it a normal rocky picture.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District also added a comment saying “It’s just a photo of rocks, isn’t it?” Seeing all these responses many other users came forward and started looking for the mountain lion. This is how the trend made its way to twitter and other social media platforms.

The lion is hiding so well among the rocks and it is almost invisible. It’s because its fur was exactly similar to the color of rocky terrain in the picture. Let’s dig in deep, to know more about hidden cat challenge.

What Is Hidden Cat Challenge

Image Of What Is Hidden Cat Challenge

A photograph released by US Fish and Wildlife Service (UFWS), has gone viral as it contains a spooky challenge. The picture shows a reticent mountain lion but it’s really hard to spot. The post by US Fish and Wildlife Service (UFWS) captions the following words,

“Where’s Waldo: Mountain lion in Washoe County, Nevada edition.

“Can you spy the big cat? Let us know in the comments.”

As soon as the picture was posted, a massive number of users gathered on the post to spot the lion. People further started to share the picture on their social media sites to ask their friends if they can spot the big cat or not. Soon the picture went viral and became a popular trend which was later named as “Hidden Cat Challenge”.

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How To Do The Hidden Cat Challenge

Image Of spot the snake challenge

Completing the Hidden Cat Challenge is quite simple only if you have a keen-eyed personality. All you have to do is spot the big cat (mountain lion) sitting silently among the rocks. It would be better if you are able to spot it in the first few minutes.

Most of the people have failed to spot the mountain lion because the big cat’s fur was of similar color as to the rocky terrain. This made it easy for him to stay well hidden. According to a report by Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), the mountain lions prefer dense cover or rocky, rugged terrain to hide. The state agency further added “People rarely get more than a brief glimpse of a mountain lion in the wild.’’

The state agency has also shared that, the color of these lions varies a lot “yellow, to tawny to rusty brown or gray,” the representative added.

Lions aren’t the only animals good at hiding; so many other animals are also in the list. A similar challenge named as “spot the snake” challenge has also become viral previously. The challenge started when a Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast took a picture of an eastern brown snake hiding outside a home in Seventeen Mile Rocks last month.

Like the hidden cat challenge, snake challenge was also difficult to complete as the color of snake exactly resembled the rock color. Most of the users were baffled while very few of them were able to spot the snake.

Final Words

Challenges like “Hidden Cat Challenge” and “spot the snake challenge” are way far interesting than the bizarre dance challenges flaunting on the internet. These challenges can help you open your mind and can also develop habit of critical thinking.

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