Lost Riches Co Op Challenge — All Details Provided

We have reached to the fifth day of Lost Riches Co Op Challenge. With a new day there are certain new locations to be explored. You can find iron coins from each of these locations. Are you searching to know about these locations? If yes, then you have opened the most related article. Keep scrolling and you will learn all the exact locations that will offer you iron coins!

During the Lost Riches Co Op Challenge, players can make groups in order to complete these challenges easily. Upon completing the challenges players can collect up to 3 co-op challenges rewards. Along with the rewards you can also earn some iron coins that can be redeemed against items later in the event shop.

During the treasure search, you may encounter Co Op challenges scattered. Players can complete these events in their world for Primogems and Mora. You can also join other player’s world to collect rewards and that up-to three times.

Lost Riches Co Op Challenge differs from all other events of Genshin Impact because it asks you to join other player’s world to complete these challenges. Or allow other player’s to join your world so that you can complete these tasks challenges easily. Let’s dive into more details to learn about the locations you need to explore.

What Is Lost Riches Co Op Challenge

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Lost Riches Co Op Challenge is an event rolled over for the players by Genshin Impact. The event started on 8th of January 2021 and it will last till 18th of this month. The challenge asks the players to explore certain locations in order to find all of the clues, treasure areas and special treasures. While completing the challenge, players can also earn iron coins that can be used to redeem item in the event shop.

A different fact about this challenge is that it’s not a solo event. You have to join other players to complete the event. Here is the detail of tasks you need to carry out in order to complete this challenge.

Friday Day 1 – Speak with Ulman, Search Treasure Areas 1 and 2

Saturday Day 2 – Search Treasure Areas 3 and 4, Unlock Special Treasure Clue

Sunday Day 3 – Search Treasure Areas 5 and 7.

Monday Day 4 – Search Treasure Areas 7 and 8, Unlock Special Treasure Clue

Tuesday Day 5 – Search Treasure Areas 9 and 10

Wednesday Day 6 – Search Treasure Areas 11 and 12.

Thursday Day 7 – Search Treasure Areas 13 and 14, All Event Shop Items claimable.

How To Complete Lost Riches Co Op Challenge

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As we have reached the fifth day of Lost Riches Co Op Challenge, you have to explore couple of new locations to earn some iron coins. Below is the detail of locations you need to explore.

Location # 09 : Nantianmen

Though the game tells you to go to the Nantianmen, but here is how you can travel easily to the valley. To find the location, you have to travel fast to Mt. Hulao. Then, glide down and you will get to see several dig sites near to a giant tree.

Location # 10 : Cape Oath and co-op challenge

Like you normally do, here also you have to look for various dig sites. If you find the coins without getting the Co Op challenge, it means you will have to try again next time. But, if you get a co-op challenge then the last iron coin will automatically spawn the challenge maker.

You also have to defeat 2 of your Fatui assassins opponents in the first 30 seconds. Because after this specified time they will go invisible and you will not be able to catch them.

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Last Words

To finish the challenge easily, we would suggest you to ask some of your friends to join your world. You can also join your friend’s world to complete the challenge. Once you complete this challenge in your friend’s world you can get either mora or Hero’s Wit.

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