How To Buy Unclaimed Mail — All Details Provided

Have you seen some viral TikTok videos lately and now you are wondering How To Buy Unclaimed Mail? If yes, then you have reached the most appropriate post. Keep reading to know from where you can Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages and More.

Once in our lives, we all have dreamed of buying a mystery box, how cool it would be to open a box, when you exactly don’t know what it contains? Obviously it would be fascinating! TikTok users are currently flowing with this new craze after some viral videos.

A user from the video sharing application has shared a video explaining how she came across a vendor who was selling the lost packages for just $1 each. After buying 100 packages she has started a series of videos opening the packages.

Users have become obsessed with the videos and so many of them are wondering how they can buy some unclaimed mails to give themselves some mini surprises.

If you are among those users, then keep reading and get enlightened with the secret spots from where you can have your hands on these boxes.

What Are Unclaimed Mails

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A TikTok users has diverted our attention towards something surprising. Have you ever thought where the packages and pieces of mail go which fail to get delivered? Well, you might not have thought of this before. But now, the brainy TikTok users have talked about it, so most of people are curious to know what the authorities do with these undelivered mails?

After a video went viral on TikTok, we have got the answer of this question. The unclaimed mails are actually auctioned off to bidders.  Most of the time, these boxes are purchased by small business and vendors, who later sell them as mystery boxes.

Where To Buy Unclaimed Mail

People started talking about these Unclaimed Mails after Stephanie, known on TikTok as @caloriequeen14 posted a video explaining how she bought 100 mystery boxes from a vender she came across. In the video she further explained that this vendor was selling the packages for $1 each so she bought 100 packages.

Though she was not sure about what the boxes contained, she still thought of buying them for fun purpose. Later she thought of revealing the items in the mystery boxes on her TikTok account.

This series of videos were massively liked by the audience and these were quite interesting to watch. Her initial video became a hit and it racked up 7.7 million hearts form the TikTok fam.

After watching the videos, one can say that spending $100 on these packages were worth it. Most of her packages contained gift cards to retailers like Starbucks, Sephora and Applebee’s.

Some other packages contained phone speakers, vape pen chargers and so on. The audience became obsessed to the series of videos she uploaded. One user said “I’m addicted to watching this series,”

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Where To Purchase Unclaimed Mail

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As most of you might be curious to know from where these mails can be purchased so, here is the answer.

1. U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

The mails that fail to deliver are auctioned via GovDeals. You can look for the auctions on their sites to lay your hands over these packages.

2. Storage Auction

This is again an online bidding service and you will definitely find some treasures here.

3. WiBargain

It is another site that sells liquidated goods from retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. The best thing is that after signing up to their news letter you will get a flat 10% off.

Some other liquidation markets are and Direct Liquidation. You can also visit their sites to get information about the auctions.

Last words

This was all about the unclaimed mails and their auctions. Hope the article has provided enough information about how you can lay your hands on these treasure boxes.

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