TikTok Playlist Feature — The Biggest Update From TikTok

Big news from the most popular social media platform is here. TikTok users will finally be able to use TikTok Playlist Feature. Here is all you need to know about the best TikTok update so far.

Since its launch, TikTok has been working on improving its User Interface. It has added some much needed features recently, that included translate comment feature, text to speech option, mutuals option and Q&A to TikTok Bio option for the users.

Besides these features, it has also added text to speech feature, mutual tab and graphic video warning feature to give better experience to its users. Along with all these features, TikTok also has kept adding simple video editing tools, new soundtracks, effects and filters. This time it has come up with the biggest update of all times.

The TikTok Playlist Feature will help the users to create themed playlists for their account. Here is more about this cool update! Stay tuned!

What Is TikTok Playlist Feature

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TikTok Playlist Feature is a new update rolled by TikTok this year. This feature will enable the users to create themed playlists for their video content. It will further be easy for the content creators to create part 2 of videos and the audience won’t also face trouble while searching for the “watch part 2” of series videos.

Readers should also know that this feature is only available for selected creators. It will enable some selected creators to group their videos under different themes. The theme name can be a combination of maximum 15 characters.

The news was confirmed by the social media guru Matt Navarra, here is what he said. “BIG NEWS FOR TIKTOK CREATORS, TikTok has started to rollout a Playlists feature! It allows users to create themed playlists for their videos. Making it easier for others to find and “watch part 2” of series of videos”.

Currently, only some of influencers are invited to use this function. But hopefully, TikTok will roll this feature for rest of its users soon.

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How To Use TikTok Playlist Feature

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The filter is quite simple to use, there is not any complexity in it. Firstly, users have to tap on the option that says, “Sort videos into playlists”. Then name the playlist according to the type of content and then simply add the videos to the categories. Once you have created the playlist, it will automatically be added to the creator’s profile.

One thing that you should remember is that users will only be able to add the public videos to playlists. This feature is not available for the private videos. While talking about this feature, creators have said that this addition can boost post engagements across the app as users will be able to view similar content more easily.

It will also perform the best functions for Brands and retailers. Brands and retailers can launch their tutorials and product features as a series of episodes in future.

In an update by the video sharing application, this feature is being tested with creators accounts and business accounts so that it can be rolled out to all users in near future. After seeing the news of this new feature, users have asked TikTok about its availability for rest of users but they haven’t confirmed any date yet.

As soon as it becomes available for rest of the users, it will help the content creators to increase their account traffic. Users will come back to the profiles hence it will increase the post engagements.

Bottom Line

This was all about the new TikTok Playlist Feature. We just hope that TikTok will make this feature available for the users very soon.

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