How To Do The Daddy Similarity Test On TikTok — Explained

The Daddy Similarity Test On TikTok is making rounds on the Chinese video-sharing app but how to do it? Here is all you need to know about.

TikTok trends, challenges, and effects are some amazing tools to spend the time well. Using these effects and trends rolled by the brainy TikTok users, you can come up with some entertaining content.

Following some viral trends like ‘Hey my name is Zuzie’, users are now obsessed with another trend that helps you to know how much you resemble your father. In past also, various personality tests and resemblance-check trends and filters have earned massive popularity on social media platforms. This time again the “daddy similarity test” has garnered considerable popularity on the video-sharing social app. If you haven’t hopped into this trend yet, here is how to do the Daddy Similarity Test On TikTok.

What Is Daddy Similarity Test On TikTok

Image Of What Is Daddy Similarity Test On TikTok

The Daddy Similarity Test revolves around a filter that came out around Father’s Day. The main purpose of this viral test is to let the users know how much they resemble their fathers. This trend is more related to the shape-shifting trends of TikTok. We have also seen people using the shape-shifting effects to know their resemblance with Disney characters or TV stars.

Quite similar to the above described shape-shifting effects, the Daddy Similarity Test also uses the same technique to tell whether you resemble your dad or not. To get the test done, you will need a picture of your father. As soon as you apply the filter, your image will fade into that of your dad’s picture that you have selected to test on.

The only difference between other shape-shifting filters and the Daddy Similarity Test is the latter will score your similarities. It will check your resemblance between 0 to 100 percent. However, in most of the videos, users have received at least above 90% every time.

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How To Do The Daddy Similarity Test

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Getting your hands on this viral filter is quite easy. To complete this challenge, you will require two things. Initially, you will need to have a picture of your father, and secondly, you must have this viral filter on your TikTok account.

 If you have no idea how to get The Daddy Similarity Test filter on TikTok, follow the below instructions.

  • To get the filter, firstly open your TikTok account and tap on the button in the middle of your screen to create a new video.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Effects” tab that is located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • Once you open the effects tab, go to the tab that reads “trending tab”. You will witness this tab in the effects selection screen.
  • Once you get into the effects section you will find the “dad similarity test” filter.
  • As you find it, click on the filter and upload the picture of your dad that you want to experiment on.
  • Finally, tap on the red button to start recording and wait for the magic. Point to ponder here is that you should use the selfie camera, using the rear camera the filter may not work.
  • Lastly, you will witness that your face will zoom into your dad’s picture and then it will come up with the score.
  • If you are unable to find the filter using the above method, simply open the “discovery tab” and type “dad similarity test”. You will find the filter right away.

Concluding Remarks

Don’t forget to add the signature background track drippingwax’ by Worm containing music from My Mom by Eminem and some hashtags as you are done with recording the video.

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