What Does KLM Mean On TikTok — Explained

A new slang term “KLM” is currently flaunting on the video-sharing app TikTok but what does it mean? Let’s discover together.

Social media lingo is constantly evolving as new words get into the social media dictionaries regularly. These slang words help us keep the conversations short and comprehensive, yet they are also quite difficult to understand. Social media platforms especially TikTok if filled with thousands of short terms. Besides the short lingo, phrases surrounding dark humor are also quite popular on the Chinese video-sharing app.

The latest viral slang “KLM” from TikTok has puzzled the users as they are unable to know what it means. If you are among these users, let’s dig in deep to discover the meaning of the viral term KLM. Stay Tuned!

KLM Meaning On TikTok

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Having millions of users from every corner of the world, TikTok is filled with various short-lingos and slang terms. If you are a new user, then you might find it difficult to understand all these short terms but you will get an idea of all these words as you spend more time on this video-sharing platform.

The current viral short-term “KLM” refers to a couple of different things. Some users use this word as the short form of the word “Calm”. So, if anyone is using this short form during a daily convo, it means they are trying to signal that they are doing well. KLM doesn’t refer to stillness rather it’s a way to tell that someone is doing well.

According to many social media users, this term has come from Snapchat in its initial days. It dates back to the 2010s when TikTok wasn’t even launched. However, this viral short form has made a comeback now and is quite popular among TikTok users.

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What Is KLM On TikTok

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Besides TikTok, KLM also has a news-oriented meaning as well. This time, this word has nothing to do with the shortening of any word or phrase. KLM also refers to an airline that has been in a bit of a business feud with Ryanair. It is the flag carrier airline of The Netherlands that has received a significant relief package from the European Commission in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the viral news of this relief package, the term KLM is flaunting on the news channels, hence it has become quite popular. As reported by various news sources, KLM has received €3.4 billion in support from the commission, even after the European General Court ordered the commission to reexamine the deal earlier this year. The court argued that the relief package was granted without any solid reasoning. However, the commission has approved the package later on.

Even after getting the approval from the commission, Ryanair, a small Irish airline that brought the original lawsuit over the deal, says that they are planning to sue again. While talking about this matter, a spokesman for the airline said: “Ryanair is opposed to all state support that is not transparent and discriminatory”. “These gigantic packages are unfair, illegal, and distorts the market.”

Although it isn’t known when the dispute between these two airlines will be resolved, it is obvious that KLM may sometimes refer to an airline.

The dual meaning of this word may sometimes be confusing for the users but once you understand the context you can easily understand what the term refers to. In most cases, the users will be using the word KLM to signal that they are doing fine.

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