How To Fix ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ On Instagram?

The viral ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ has annoyed several users on Instagram, thus here we have provided how to fix this issue. Keep reading and get rid of this annoying error.

Instagram users have an opinion that the app is growing old now. They have an opinion that the application’s popularity is declining following the array of glitches appearing on the platform. Just recently Instagram users were pouring their complaints on Twitter addressing several errors and here we have got to see another glitch that has annoyed several users.

This glitch appears to be one of the major glitches of the current year. The error ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ pops up on the screen as the Instagram users try a filter. The glitch has annoyed several users and they have been reporting the issue on Twitter ever since it has started hitting their screens.

So, is there any way to resolve the ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ on Instagram, if yes how to do so? We have explained everything here in this article. Stay tuned!

What Is The ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ On Instagram?

‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’, is a new glitch affecting both android and iOS users. Upon trying to load a filter, the users get welcomed by a notification that reads: ‘Unable To Use This Effect’.

Following this error, users seem annoyed. They have taken it to Twitter to reveal how annoying the Instagram app has become now. The users belonging to the US and UK are getting affected the most.

Here is how users have responded to this troublesome error on Twitter:

One user wrote: “Has Instagram effects stopped working on iPhone?

Every time I m try a new filter it says unable to use this effect on your device #instagram #Apple”

Another user said: Just adding up users who are facing “unable to use this effect on your device“ issue @instagram”

A third annoyed user wrote: Why am I getting “unable to use this effect” @instagram fix this!!!

Why am I getting “unable to use this effect” @instagram fix this!!! wrote another user on Twitter.

@instagram  Are you fixing the problem about cannot use the filter feature for making stories? Many people found the same error: “Unable to use this effect on your device”, added another user.

How To Fix What Is The ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ On Instagram?

Although thousands of users have reported the error on the bird app, Instagram has not responded to any of the errors yet. The app has also not rolled any official fix.

However, we have provided a few potential fixes here. Have a look!

  • Initially, inspect if your internet is working well. Restarting your internet modem may also help you get rid of the error.
  • Another possible fix that most Instagram users are suggesting is to re-login to your profile. To do so, you will firstly be required to log out of your handle and then re-login.
  • The issue might also occur due to an old version of Instagram. Update your app and check if the issues get fixed.
  • Another reason you are encountering this issue might be, the incorrect time and date on your phone. This can conflict with the app, thus such problems may occur.
  • The next reason might be the limited space on your device. Make sure you have enough space on your device to enable the app to function properly.
  • Instagram cache might also be a factor causing this error. So, do clear the cache regularly.
  • If none of the above fixes work, reach the Instagram support for further assistance or wait for the developers to fix the glitch.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about ‘Unable To Use This Effect Error’ and some potential fixes to get rid of it. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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