Why Is My Instagram Saying Welcome To Instagram? Explained

Instagram users just have to ask a single question right now and that is ‘Why Is My Instagram Saying Welcome To Instagram’. Well, after facing an array of glitches on Instagram, users are now getting welcomed with an alien welcome note. Here is everything you need to know about this Instagram message.

For a few weeks now, Instagram is making headlines for all negative reasons. At the beginning of the current month, users took to Twitter to complain that their newsfeed is misbehaving and they are unable to refresh the content over it. Following that, users faced issues with direct messages as a glitch restricted them to send direct messages to friends. Next, the Instagram filters stopped working for the users and now finally the users are getting welcomed with a bizarre welcome note.

Is it another glitch or Instagram is re-starting its journey as a glitch-free app? Users are confused! They have taken it to Twitter saying ‘Why Is My Instagram Saying Welcome To Instagram’ and here we have addressed this query. Keep reading!

Instagram Users Are Getting Welcomed By A Bizarre Welcome Note Upon Logging In

Image Of Instagram Users Are Getting Welcomed By A Bizarre Welcome Note Upon Logging In

Instagram users are flocking to Twitter following another glitch and this time they are surprised-cum-annoyed. The complaints started flooding Instagram around 12:30 pm EDT on May 26th, 2022.

According to Downdetector, Instagram is dealing with intermittent international outages. Following this outage, some users are unable to log into their handles. While others are complaining that they are getting a strange welcome note upon logging into the app.

Following the queries of users, a spokesperson of Meta has addressed the situation saying, “We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience,”

The welcome note that users currently are receiving seems to be a glitch revolving around the major outages. Also, it is because Instagram is trying to fix all the bugs.

What Does ‘Welcome To Instagram’ Message Mean?

Image Of What Does ‘Welcome To Instagram’ Message Mean

Alongside4 the ‘Welcome To Instagram’ note, some users are complaining that they are unable to spot their old posts on the platform. A few users are unable to refresh their homepage while some are having trouble loading the content on their newsfeed.

All these errors have created a situation of frustration among the users and they are pouring every possible social media platform with their queries.

Although Instagram is working on fixing all the errors present on the app currently, you can try to address the issues manually. The issues may occur due to an old version of the app that you might be using currently. If so is the case, you are suggested to update your Instagram app to its newest version. By doing so you won’t miss any latest features and you may also get rid of all the annoying glitches.

To keep your app up-to-date, the easiest trick that you must count on is, to turn on your auto-update feature from the phone setting. Doing so will keep all your applications up-to-date and you may also be less likely to encounter glitches.

As far as the current glitch of Instagram is concerned, it is not that annoying. Simply ignore it and don’t think much about it. Instagram will soon resolve the issue as they have revealed it already.

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The Final Thoughts

This was all about the viral welcome note from Instagram and its potential fix. Hopefully, we are able to inform you about all the details revolving around this glitch.

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