How To Get Hexagon Twitter Pfp’s — Explained

Twitter users are seen changing their Twitter Pfp’s to Hexagon shaped images, while the rest of users are searching how they can be part of this bandwagon. If you are among these users struggling to get a Hexagon Twitter Pfp, we have got you covered. Here is how to be part of this viral Twitter PFP trend.

Just recently, Twitter has implemented a verification system for NFT (non-fungible) owners that will enable them to link their NFT tokens to their Twitter accounts. This new feature was revealed on 20th January 2022, and soon it has gone viral on the internet.

NFT’s have hugely become popular on the internet in some recent years. Following this craze, Twitter has now enabled the NFT owners to display their tokens with a unique profile picture. Here’s more about How To Get Hexagon Twitter Pfp’s.

How To Get Hexagonal Pfp’s On Twitter?

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NFT’s have remained around us since 2014, but they have amassed popularity on mainstream media recently. For people who are not aware of NFT’s, these are cryptographic units on a blockchain that represent digital files. They may also represent real-life objects like artwork or furniture.

Following the popularity of NFT’s Twitter has rolled out a new feature that allows the NFT holders to connect their Twitter accounts with their crypto wallets. This also enables them to display hexagonal-shaped images as their profile pictures.

Talking about this newly rolled feature Twitter revealed, “Once authenticated, the NFT will be displayed as a soft hexagon across all surfaces where your avatar is visible. When people tap on it, they can learn more about the art, its collection, provenance, and more”.

So, if you are looking to change your Twitter PFP to a hexagon-shaped image, you will be required to own some NFT’s.

Twitter NFT Craze Explained

Image Of Twitter NFT Craze Explained

Alongside being an NFT owner, you also must be a Twitter Blue and iOS member accessing this feature. If you meet all the requirements, you can easily connect your crypto wallet with your Twitter account.

Currently, the following is the detail of Crypto wallets that Twitter supports:

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

Twitter Blue, which is an important requirement to have the Hexagon-shaped PFP’s can be accessed with a membership cost of $2.99 per month. This premium account can be accessed on iOS and Android in countries including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, the NFT profile picture can only be accessed on iOS devices. The rest of the users can see the hexagonal-shaped images on the bird app despite having a Twitter Blue account.

If you are an NFT-owner, you can change your picture to a hexagonal-shaped NFT profile photo following the below steps.

  • Open your Twitter account and tap on your profile picture icon.
  • Here you will find an option that reads, ‘Choose NFT’, tap on it.
  • Next, tap on ‘Connect my wallet’.
  • Select your wallet and select a picture to set as your PFP.
  • Once you select the PFP, a hexagonal shape will appear around your NFT.
  • Tap on ‘Done’ option and you are good to go.

Twitter has also rolled a step-by-step video to assist its users with this new feature. If you are unable to understand the steps provided below, you can also check the detailed video rolled by Twitter on their official handle.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Hexagonal Pfp means on Twitter and ways to get it on the Bird app. Hopefully, this article was helpful!

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