Meat Loaf’s Original Name — Why Was He Called Meat Loaf?

Following the death of popular rock musician, users across the globe are remembering Meat Loaf. At the same time, some users are curious to know Meat Loaf’s original name. They are probing across the internet to find the origin of ‘Meat Loaf’, the singer’s stage name. Here we have pieced together all the available information surrounding Meat Loaf’s name. Have a look!

Fans came to know about the unfortunate news of Meat Loaf’s demise on Thursday, January 20, 2022. His initial name was Marvin Lee Andy but he later changed it to Michael Lee Aday. However, throughout his career, he was popular by his stage name ‘Meat Loaf’.

As the popular musician has passed away now, users are probing to know why he used to call himself ‘Meat Loaf’. Well, there are multiple stories attached to the stage name of Michael Lee Aday. Let’s explore together!

Why Meat Loaf Was Called Meat Loaf?

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The musician used his stage name even before he rose to fame. While talking to Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now series in 2016, he revealed that his father asked the hospital to a put “Meat” tag on his crib as his father thought his newborn “looked like nine-and-a-half pounds of ground chuck”. Well, this is how he got the first part of his stage name.

Revealing about his second name, the late rock musician addressed a story from his school. While he was in eighth grade, he mistakenly stepped on his coach’s foot. His coach suddenly screamed saying “Get off my foot, you hunk of meatloaf!”. This is how the name stuck with him for the rest of his life.

Besides the above tales, the musician has shared some other stories attached to his weird stage name. In 1978, he shared a different story with PEOPLE. According to the outlet, he revealed that he was called Meat Loaf following his weight that never remained less than 185 pounds since his childhood.

The Origin Of Meat Loaf’s Name Explored

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In another story shared with Piers Morgan Live in 2011, Meat Loaf revealed that he got his stage name following Levi’s commercial. The ad said, “Poor fat Marvin can’t wear Levi’s. Following this ad, Meat Loaf immediately changed his name from Marvin to Michael.

Talking further about Levi’s’ ad, Meat Loaf added that he always found a connection with the ad because he was so big that he couldn’t even “wear blue jeans.”

He said, “I was called Meat, but people would call me Marvin, and after that, nobody called me Marvin”.

So, these were the instances when Meat Loaf talked about the origin of his stage name. Nonetheless, whatever was the reason behind his stage name, he will always be remembered for his work.

Thousands of his fans have poured Twitter with messages of condolence and prayers. While remembering his work, one user shared an old clip saying:

“Sad day, with the loss of #Meatloaf. The soundtrack to much of my youth (my best mate used to torture me with it incessantly) After nearly 60 years of music & film (he became quite a good actor), Meat Loaf has finally done “that”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Adored Meatloaf, he was so unique, his music was a magic mix- of Rock-Opera-exciting but so full of feeling! He certainly left a wonderful legacy! RIP”

“Prayers go out to the talented Michael or “Meatloaf”. RIP. And condolences to His family. We used to listen to His music in the Fam. when I was a kid,” wrote another fan.

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The Last Words

This was all about Meat Loaf’s original name and the origin of his stage name. Hopefully, you have got all the information you were looking for.

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