How To Get The Giordano Filter On TikTok – Explored

The latest filter to reign over TikTok and Instagram is Giordano Filter and here we have gathered all the information about how to get it on the video-sharing app. If you are among the users looking for the answer to how to get the Giordano Filter on TikTok, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know!

The most popular video-sharing app, TikTok is all about dance trends, challenges, filters, and effects. Ever since its launch, we have witnessed hundreds and thousands of trends joining the platform. Some of these trends have lasted for quite a long now and some have disappeared immediately without making a great impact.

Alongside the viral dance trend and challenges, this platform is also famous for creative filters. And this time again, TikTok users are going crazy about a new filter that they call Giordano Filter on TikTok. The filter is also making rounds on Instagram, thus we have crafted this article to help you get an idea about what this Giordano Filter is all about and how to get it on TikTok or Instagram. Without wasting a lot of time, let’s dig out about how to get the Giordano Filter on TikTok.

What Is Giordano Filter On TikTok?

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Giordano Filter is the new filter that TikTok and Instagram users are going crazy about. Social media users are trying out this filter on their parents, partners, and friends.

The filter has become so popular on TikTok that it has paved the path for a whole new trend. Thousands of TikTok users have already joined the trend while several others are wondering to know how to get the Giordano Filter on TikTok so that they can be part of this viral trend.

So, what is so special about the Giordano Filter? Why is everyone hopping on to this filter trend?

Well, it is just a simple filter like many other TikTok filters. What’s different about this filter is that, as you open the filter an old man wearing a blue hoodie comes and stands behind you. For people who don’t know the idea of Giordano Filter, seeing a person standing them comes as a surprise. So, several users who were attempting the filter for the first time were quick to react. The reactions are quite hilarious thus, content creators are trying out this filter on their friends to record their reactions.

Where To Get Giordano Filter?

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Although Giordano Filter is quite popular on TikTok, it actually belongs to Instagram. Giordano Filter is currently available on Instagram and you can access it following the below steps:

  • Launch your Instagram app and tap on your profile to create a story.
  • Scroll to the end of filters until you get the magnifying glass (search option) icon.
  • In the search bar type Giordano and hit the enter button.
  • Scroll down until you get the Giordano filter created by michael_lurz_xr
  • Open the filter to surprise your friends.

Another similar filter can also be accessed on TikTok. Follow the below steps to get the Giordano Filter on the video-sharing app:

  • Tap on the plus sign to create a new video
  • In the effects option type “Giordano” and hit enter.
  • You will get TikTok’s famous “Giordano” filter.
  • Open the filter to pull a prank on your friends and family.

Once you record a video, you can roll it onto the video-sharing app to be part of the viral “Giordano” filter trend.

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral Giordano Filter from TikTok and the ways you can access it on Instagram and TikTok. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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