How To Make A TikTok Your Ringtone — Explained

Do you really like a TikTok sound track and want to know How To Make A TikTok Your Ringtone? Well, you are on the most related post, keep reading and get to know the easiest ways to download a TikTok sound track to make it your ringtone.

Besides the video trends, TikTok is also known for its incredible collection of sound tracks. No matter what kind of tracks you want, there are good chances of TikTok having all kinds of sound tracks. While TikTok users come up with amazing videos, there is a huge role of soundtracks playing behind.

Sometimes, it is just a soundtrack that paves path for viral challenges. Like previously some sound tracks have gone incredibly viral, such as “Can I pet that dog?” or the song “Heather” by Conan Gray and the sea shanties.

Currently, users are so obsessed with these sound tracks that they are looking to download the Mp3 sounds to use as their ringtone. Let’s discuss how the Mp3 sound can be downloaded.

How To Make A TikTok Your Alarm 

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Once downloaded, you can use the sound tracks for several purposes. You can use it as your caller ringtone or Alarm. Though you can use the sound track for several purposes but downloading it might be quite tricky. We have gathered all the available methods to download the sound tracks from TikTok, have a look!

Before going into details, users should know that there isn’t any official feature on TikTok to download the Mp3 sound. You can download the videos only if the user has enabled the download option.

Firstly, you will need to download the TikTok Sound on your phone to get the sound track on your device. There also are so many third party applications that can help you to extract sound from a video. Following the below steps you can download the sound track using “Kapwing’s Converter”

  • Copy the link of video you want to download
  • Search “Kapwing’s Converter” and paste the link you copied earlier
  • Export and download the Mp3 sound
  • Go to your music gallery and use this sound as ringtone or Alarm

How To Make A TikTok Audio Your Ringtone

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Let’s discuss the above steps in detail..

Copy the link of video you want to download:

Firstly open the video containing your favorite sound track on TikTok. Tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner of video tab. You will get to see so many options, select the option that says copy link.

Search “Kapwing’s Converter:

Open the Google tab and search for Search “Kapwing’s Converter”. It is a free to use online software that helps you to convert Mp4 into Mp3, GIFs or JPEG. Once you open the website, you will witness a tab that says paste video URL. Now, paste the previously copied video URL and hit on the upload button right next to it. Once uploaded, you will get your desired Mp3 sound

Export and download the Mp3 sound:

Export the sound track and hit on the download button. The sound track will automatically get added to your music gallery.

Set The sound as Your ringtone or Alarm:

Now as you have downloaded the sound track, you can simply open the song and set it as your ringer tone or alarm. This is the easiest way to download Mp3 sound from your favorite video sharing application TikTok.

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Final Words

This was all about How To Make A TikTok Your Ringtone. Hope the information provided in this article will help you to get your hands on some of hit songs from TikTok. Follow us to know more skills related to all social media platforms.

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