Vin Rouge Filter — Here’s How To Find It On Snapchat

As the Silhouette Challenge has proved itself as the biggest challenge of this month, demand for Vin Rouge Filter has increased. Users are wondering to know how this filter can be accessed to excel the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok.

With rise in the amount of filters and affects, social media challenges are getting much trickier. They are even getting intertwined with the other social media applications. To complete a single challenge, you have to do a lot of homework. Like for completing the Silhouette Challenge you have to dig in among the Snapchat filters. Gone are the days, when challenges were associated with a single social media platform.

A similar TikTok challenge has raised demand for a Snapchat filter and people are probing to know how this filter can be accessed. If you are among those users, then we have got you covered, here is all the detail related to this trendy red backgrounder filter. Keep Reading!

What Is Vin Rouge Filter

Image Of What Is Vin Rouge Filter

Vin Rouge Filter is a new filter rolled by an AR creator on Snapchat. The filter has become popular after people on TikTok became obsessed with a new shadow trend. The Silhouette Challenge from TikTok asks the users to pose in a doorway wearing their casual clothes before turning into a black shadow.

This black shadow is created using an alarming red backgrounder filter. The challenge uses a popular transition trend that is done using a new filter from Snapchat. This filter is created by Nik, who is a creative Augmented Reality filter creator of Snapchat. Similar filters are also available on Instagram and prequel named as “Red” by Sasha and “Nightmare Filter” respectively.

Once applied, the filter adds a red color on your face and in the background. The filter perfectly works on black colored clothes and when the lights are dimmed. It creates a black shadow when applied standing in a doorway. Accessing this filter is quite simple; you can check the explanation in the following paragraph.

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How To Get Vin Rouge Filter

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Here is how to access this filter,

To get your hands on this trendy filter, firstly you should have a Snapchat account. If you don’t have one, then you might not be able to access this filter. If you already have a Snapchat account, then check if it is updated to its latest version or not. It is important to update the application because an old version might not enable you to access the newly rolled filters and features of the applications.

Once you have updated the Snapchat application, open your Snapchat camera and head towards the smiley face right next to your camera button. Now, you will get to see a magnifying glass icon in the bottom left corner of your mobile device. Tap on it and type the filter name.

The filter name is Vin Rouge, type it and hit the enter button. After this, wait for the results to generate. On the top of list you will get to see your desired filter created by Nik.

Open the filter and add it to the list of your favorite filters so that you can access it instantly. Now you can click pictures or shoot videos using this viral filter. Furthermore, it is the best effect to nail the famous Silhouette Challenge on TikTok.

Concluding Remarks

As the AR creators have now authority to create and publish filters for social media users, we have now plenty of filter options to choose from. These filters are an incredible way to prettify your social media posts. Hope this article will help you to access the Vin Rouge filter easily.

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