How To Make Bitmoji Dance On Snapchat – Explained

Following a recent trend, Snapchat users are making their Bitmoji dance, but how exactly can someone make their Bitmoji dance on Snapchat? Well, that is quite simple, and below we have gathered all the details related to it. Keep reading!

Bitmoji has always remained an important element on Snapchat. Without it, not a single handle is complete. The Bitmojis are what have introduced the concept of avatars on Social media platforms. Following these, several other social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram have come up with the concept of personalized avatars.

After introducing the Snapchat Bitmojis, now the app developers have come up with the concept of 3D bitmojis and above that, the Bitmojis can now dance on the snap-sharing app.

The concept of making the Bitmojis dance on the app has gone so far now that it has become a whole new trend. Considering its popularity, several filter creators have come up with effects that make the Bitomjis dance on your screen. But how actually can someone make their Bitomji dance on Snapchat? We have provided the answer below.

How Can I Make My Bitmoji Dance On Snapchat?

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Snapchat ranks first among the social media applications in terms of innovation. From being the first app to roll filters to the one that comes up with the idea of Avatars, Snapchat has offered a lot to its users.

Considering its popularity across the globe, the snap-sharing app is constantly upgrading its features and user interface. Among its popular features, the Snapchat Bitmojis lead from the front. This fun-filled Avatar was initially rolled out for users in the year 2016. However, this fun emoji has now taken a new form. Snapchat users can now insert a 3D version of Bitmoji into their Snapchat profiles. Added to this, Snapchat users can now even make their Bitmojis dance

The idea of Bitmojis has gone so far now and your social media conversations are totally dependent on these. On Instagram you can react to messages using Bitmoji, on Facebook you can set your Avatar as your cover photo and you can even make comments using it and on Snapchat also, you can react and reply to messages using these Bitmojis.

But our question still remains the same, how to make the Bitmoji dance on Snapchat? The answer is quite simple. Below we have provided all the details about how to make the Bitmoji dance on Snapchat.

Making Bitmoji Dance On Snapchat

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To make a video featuring your dancing Bitmoji, you will have to follow the below steps:

  • Initially, open your Snapchat app and make sure that your app is updated to its latest version. If it isn’t updated, you might not be able to access these newly rolled features and filters.
  • Right under the camera button you will find the search icon, tap on it.
  • In the search bar, simply write “Dancing Bitmoji” and hit the enter button.
  • Now, you will get to see several filters featuring a Dancing Bitmoji.
  • Tap on any of the filters to make your avatar dance.
  • Some filters may even give you different dancing avatars, so it is totally your choice whether you want your own Bitmoji to dance or you need another one.
  • Once you have opened the filter, you will see an avatar dancing on your screen.
  • Play a soundtrack in the background to make it look even more real.

After creating the video, you can now save it to your camera roll and share it with your friend.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what a Bitmoji on social media is all about and how to make it dance on Snapchat. Hopefully, the information was helpful.

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