How To See Spotify Pie Chart? New Tool Explored

The new Spotify tool ‘Pie Chart’ is going viral on the internet and users are willing to see how exactly they can get their Spotify pie chart. If you are among such users, here we have gathered all the information you need to know.

It was quite common for the Spotify users to witness their full year in review which they call the ‘annual ‘Wrapped’ feature’ at the end of every year. However, this time users are stunned to witness another similar tool that helps look back at their activities. It means the Spotify users don’t have wait for December to look back at their year, they can now get it done with the help of Spotify Pie Chart.

However, not all Spotify users understand the functionality of this feature. Thus, here we have gathered all the details about what the Spotify Pie Chart is and how to see the Spotify Pie Chart. Keep reading and get to know everything about this new Spotify feature.

What Is The Spotify Pie Chart?

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The Spotify feature that enabled the users to look back at their year on Spotify was first launched in 2017. The feature became so popular that all other giant social media platforms started copying the feature.  

The Spotify’s review feature enables the users to see what songs, albums, artists, and genres they listened to throughout the past year. If you have used this feature earlier, you must have an idea about how this wrapped feature enables the users to look back at the stats from as far back as a decade. So, the feature remained quite popular among Spotify users and the idea was adopted by several social media platforms.

The only drawback of this feature was that the stats used to be available at the end of the year and it was quite annoying to wait for a whole long year. Thankfully, Spotify has now come up with another feature that helps us overcome the agony of waiting.

The music streaming platform has now come up with the Spotify Pie feature that compiles data from your Spotify and turns it into a pie chart. The feature started going viral in the month of June. The pie showcases every minor detail about your listening history. From what music genres you have listened to the artists and the albums, it compiles all the data and showcases it in the form of a pie chart.

This feature is said to be developed by a UCLA student Darren Huang. The aim behind coming up with this feature was to help people “Bake their Monthly Genre Pie”.

How Can I See My Spotify Pie Chart?

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Finding your Spotify Pie Chart is quite simple. All you have to do is, head toward the website of Darren and log into you Spotify account. Provide your Spotify email address and password and you will get a pie chart view of your Spotify data.

Users have loved this new feature and they have discussed it on Twitter as well. Here is what users think about the new Spotify tool, Pie Chart:

One user wrote: “Guys I did that Spotify pie chart thingy people are doing and I’m severely embarrassed by the second most listened to genre and then my main artist”

Another said: “I thought the only time of year I felt left out for having Apple Music was Spotify Wrapped, what the hell is this pie chart business”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Spotify tool ‘Spotify pie chart’ that is making rounds on the social media. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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