Is Mangomeee A Scam? Unbiased Review [June 2022]

An exceptional shoe website titled ‘Mangomeee’ is making rounds on the internet and users are willing to know if it is a scam site or a legit one. If you are among the users eyeing a pair of shoes on Mangomeee, we have got your back. Read this unbiased review till the end before buying your favorite pair of shoes from Mangomeee.

While scrolling across the internet, users encounter websites having unique and attractive products on daily basis. Sometimes these websites turn out to be genuine ones while in other cases they trick the users by sending them low-quality products. In some cases, users haven’t even received any product at all even though they ordered and paid heavy prices.

To avoid such unfortunate events, it is important for users to look into the legitimacy of websites before shopping. Whether you follow this precautionary practice or not, we always write reviews for most of the new websites to help you get an idea about their practices.

Following our long tradition of writing unbiased reviews, we have crafted this article to help you know whether or not Mangomeee is a scam. Keep reading and get an idea about how to spot fake websites on the internet.

Is Mangomeee Scam?

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Before looking into the legitimacy of this platform, let’s dig out what the website has to offer for its users.

While scrolling across the Mangomeee website, we were stunned to witness the enormous collection of shoes on the site. The website has displayed different shoe brands including, Bape, Air Jordan, Travis Scott, Adidas, Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Nike shoes.

What’s making the website look like a bogus deal is, that all the branded shoes are displayed at pretty low prices. Online buyers are eager to get their favorite pair of shoes but the prices make no sense to them, thus they are trying to figure out if this website is a legit one or a scam.

To help you look into the legitimacy of Mangomeee we have assessed the site on the following factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Payment Mode
  • Customer Reviews
  • Trust Rank
  • Social media presence

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail.

Mangomeee Reviews

Image Of Mangomeee Reviews

1. Domain Age

The domain of Mangomeee is registered on 21st November 2019, thus it is now older than 2 years.  Based on its age, the website seems to be a legit one.

2. Payment Mode

The website allows users to choose among various payment methods. The company also accepts credit card payments, which is a positive sign. It also claims to have an insurance policy for the lost packages.

3. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the main tools that justify the legitimacy of an online store. Fortunately, we were able to spot some customer reviews on Mangomeee website and some other websites. Most of the reviews that we found about the website are positive.

4. Trust Rank

On the trust index, Mangomeee has earned 86% which is a good score. However, it has amassed 1 out of 100, on the score table.

5. Social Media Presence

After further investigation, we came to know that the Web Store is available on Instagram and is quite active on the photo-sharing app.

Besides the above points, the website has also provided an Email address and contact details. The website is also giving membership discounts to its previous customers, which is again a good point.

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The Final Verdict

This was all about the legitimacy of Mangomeee website. Hopefully, we are able to provide the information that you were looking for. As of now, the website seems to be a legit one.

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