How To Take Encanto Personality Quiz? Explained

The 2021 Disney film Encanto has become a big hit worldwide and users have now rolled a quiz associated with it. But, how to take the Encanto Personality Quiz? we have explored everything here.

Besides social media handles and games, internet users also enjoy taking part in different quizzes. These quizzes enable users to know about their personalities in the most fun ways. From telling about how someone’s future will look like to who would be their celebrity parents, personality quizzes are a fun way to spend your leisure time.

Currently, internet users are obsessed with Encanto Personality Quiz that tells the participants about which movie character do they resemble. If you have participated in the quiz already, let us know who was your favorite character and if you haven’t participated in it yet, here is how to take part in the Encanto Personality Quiz.

What Is Encanto Personality Quiz?

Image Of What Is Encanto Personality Quiz

Encanto Personality Quiz is the current viral quiz on Twitter. As thousands of users have taken part in it, it is getting exceptional traction on social media platforms.

This viral quiz is based on the 2021 Disney film ‘Encanto’ and tells users about their favorite character from the movie. If you have already watched the popular film ‘Encanto’, you can take part in the quiz. But for people who have not watched the Disney film, the quiz might be difficult to take as it features some questions from the movie.

Once you launch the quiz, it will ask you a series of 13 questions, and based on your answers, Encanto Personality Quiz will tell which character is your favorite.

Here are some of the questions that you need to answer:

  • If you could be any animal which would you be?
  • Pick an Encanto song lyric
  • Who’s your favourite Encanto character?
  • What’s your favourite song from Encanto?

The quiz has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook especially.

To be part of this quiz, all you are required to do is, launch the quiz and answer the simple questions. You don’t need to prepare in order to attempt the quiz because the questions are quite simple.

Encanto Personality Quiz

Image Of Encanto Personality Quiz

Another alternate quiz of the viral Encanto Personality Quiz is also making rounds on the internet. This quiz can be taken by people who have not watched the Encanto movie. Unlike the previous quiz, this one includes questions that are more focused on your personality.

It includes 8 questions and you might be asked to answer the questions like:

  • Favourite Fast Food Place
  • Pick a song lyric (I apologize)4
  • Pick a power from the Madrigal Family!

You can access this quiz on

Besides uquiz, you will find another similar quiz on Buzzfeed. This one also is a personality quiz based on the Encanto film. This quiz is titled, “Which Obscure “Encanto” Character Are You?” This Buzzfeed quiz asks a mix of questions, some related to your personal knowledge as well as how much you know about the film.

If you love participating in online quizzes, some other quizzes are created by You will find a variety of quizzes on this site.

One of the recent popular quizzes is ‘what is your worst trait quiz’, this quiz also has become immensely popular on the internet. It comprises 13 questions based on your personality. You will find seven options to choose from.

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This was all about what is Encanto Personality Quiz is and how to take part in it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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