What Is Mermaid Waffles Meme — Explained

Mermaid Waffles is the latest meme to go viral on the internet, but what does the meme talk about? Well, it’s an old meme that has resurfaced on the internet and users are getting obsessed with it. Here is more about what the Mermaid Waffles Meme is all about and how far is it expected to go.

A new day and a new viral meme! Internet users are talking about Mermaid Waffles Meme that has resurfaced on the internet after going viral in 2020.

The meme originated following a product released by Kellogg some two years back. The product was aimed at children and it was named Mermaid. Though the product didn’t remain a hit, it became an internet sensation following the memes that emerged around it.

Well, the Mermaid meme has re-emerged on the internet and users are coming up with some unique renditions of it.

Mermaid Waffles Meme Origin

Image Of Mermaid Waffles Meme Origin

As mentioned earlier, the popular American food manufacturing company released a product line aimed at children in August 2020 and they named it Mermaid Waffles.

Mermaid Waffles were round in shape, contained a blue raspberry flavor, and were blue in color. This product was aimed to entice young children. Alongside, Mermaid Waffles some other products were also rolled that included Unicorn Waffles and Birthday Cake Waffles. However, the only product that got attention was Mermaid Waffles, and that was for all wrong reasons. Little did Kellogg’s know that their product would turn into a viral meme.

As soon as the product was rolled, people started pouring memes on the internet. But the reason why people started sharing memes was not the product itself but its relevance an old meme ‘Blue Waffle Meme’, that went viral in the year 2006.

The old blue waffle asked the users to type ‘blue waffle’ on the Google search page and whoever searched it, got exposed to a horrific image that featured female genitals.

This old-school meme was among the most popular meme of the 2000s. It got immense attraction from people. From workplaces to schools and several gatherings the ‘Blue Waffle Meme’ became the most popular prank.

As the Mermaid Waffles was launched, internet users thought that people might search it as ‘‘blue waffle’ and would be greeted by something Kellogg would have never thought about.

Mermaid Waffle Meme Goes Viral On The Internet

Image Of Mermaid Waffle Meme Goes Viral On The Internet

Well, the 2020’s meme has resurfaced on the internet now, and brainy internet users are sharing some hilarious renditions of it.

The new version of Mermaid Waffle Meme started on January 25th as a Twitter user shared a screenshot of a 2020 meme on his Twitter handle. The screenshot featured the blue waffle mermaid along with a caption: “STOP KELLOGG YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING.”

This recent tweet has earned over 134,000 likes thus, it has again gone viral all over the internet. While sharing the Screenshot of this two-year-old meme, Twitter wrote a funny caption saying “Kellogs knows exactly what they’re doing.”

This Tweet has reminded people about the back story of Mermaid Waffle Meme. Several users are joining the meme trend thus adding to its popularity.

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, internet users are posting it everywhere thus spreading giggles across the internet.

As the meme has resurfaced, people who didn’t encounter it in the past are also getting to know about it. Some of them are shocked to not know the meme earlier.

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Last Words

This was all about what Mermaid Waffles Meme is all about and how it originated. Hopefully, you have found all the essential details about this trendy meme.

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