How To Use Instagram’s 2021 Playback Feature — Explained

Every year in December internet platforms enable their users to witness the ‘Wrapped feature’. Following several other platforms, Instagram’s 2021 Playback Feature is also here, but how to use this feature? Here is everything you need to know about this trendy feature of Instagram.

As we are about to say goodbye to 2021, social platforms on the internet are preparing to compile the data of their users based on their interactions, watch history, and listening history.

The idea of the year at a glance was introduced for the first time by Spotify. Spotify named this feature ‘Wrapped’ feature. It allowed the users to see a compilation of songs that they have listened throughout the year.

Following Spotify, Apple and TikTok also hopped into the trend and so did the photo-sharing app Instagram.

Instagram’s new feature called ‘2021 Playback’ enables the users to look back to the stories they have posted over the past year, but how to use this feature and where to access it? We have provided answers to all your questions in the following paragraphs.

Instagram’s Wrapped Feature 2021

Image Of Instagram’s Wrapped Feature 2021

Following several other social platforms, Instagram also has decided to enable its users to glance at the past year. For the year 2021, Instagram has rolled a brand new feature named ‘Playback’. This newly rolled feature will enable users to look back at the stories they have added to their accounts recently.

Here it is important to know that, Instagram might not add all the stories posted over the year in your memory reel. Instead, Instagram will pick any 10 of your stories to create the reel. However, you can make changes to the memory reel by removing or adding stories of your choice.

You will find a purple 2021 border placed around your stories and it can be added to your story or can easily be saved to your camera roll.

You don’t have to do any effort to create your memory reel, Instagram will arrange it all for you. Once you launch your app, a message will pop up at the top of your Instagram feed that reads:

Thank you for being part of our creative community”. It further says, “To celebrate your special moments on Instagram this year, we’ve compiled a Playback of your Stories. You can choose to edit it before sharing”.

To get your memory reel on Instagram, all you need to do is tap on the ‘view playback’ and you will witness a short video that features some of your stories.

If you have missed the chance to access your memory reel, you can access it again by clicking on the 2021 sticker of the 2021 Playback reel posted by someone else.

How To Use Instagram’s Wrapped Feature 2021 Playback

Image Of How To Use Instagram’s Wrapped Feature 2021 Playback

If you are not happy with the stories that Instagram has chosen, you can make changes to the Playback before rolling it for your followers.

Once you have opened the video, tap on the ‘Next’ button to head towards the editing screen.

Once you reach the editing screen, you can add remove any story and can also change the color and order of the stories.

To add more stories to the reel, hit the ‘+’ icon and you will get the option of adding your desired stories. In order to remove any story, all you have to do is to double-tap on any image, you will get the ‘bin’ icon appearing above your screen. By tapping on the bin icon, you will be able to remove the story.

Users also have the option to add text, stickers, and emojis to their playback reel. Once you are done editing the story, you can roll it out to impress your followers.

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Bottom Line

This was How To Use Instagram’s 2021 Playback Feature to stay ahead in rolling Insta’s memory reel. You can drop a comment in the below comment box for further assistance.

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