I Hate The Antichrist Meme — All You Need To Know About

I Hate The Antichrist Meme is hitting the social media platforms with all its power. It is a series of memes that refer to the UN (United Nations) as “the antichrist.” This meme has come from the beliefs perpetuate by certain conspiracy theorists. Here is all you need to know about the origin and spread of I Hate The Antichrist Meme.

Memes have become the best way for users to express their disgust towards a second party with the benefit of not offending them. The new I Hate The Antichrist Meme is also performing the similar function.

It is the new way of internet users to troll the United Nations. The meme appeared on internet in the end of 2020 and it became massively popular in early 2021.

Here’s more about the new “I Hate The Antichrist Meme”. Keep reading!

What Is I Hate The Antichrist Meme

Image Of What Is I Hate The Antichrist Meme

It is new meme that has a sole purpose of trolling the UN. It includes series of image macros and Schizoposting Rage Comics. This meme is closely related to the schizo-posting.

As the meme has went viral, internet users are coming up with new series of image macros. Users have also taken the meme to Reddit and people are giving their opinion about this viral meme.

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Origin Of I Hate The Antichrist Meme

Some followers of anti-globalist conspiracy theories and Christians have a belief that UN is being used as a body for the antichrist. They believe that this figure (UN) will pose as God before the second coming according to the Bible. This theory is briefly discussed in a fiction series “Left Behind” by the author Tim LaHaye. The series depicts that UN has been taken over by the antichrist.

In an interview conducted by Dateline in 2003, Tim LaHaye the author of “Left Behind” claims that the antichrist might not be the UN but it can be any large influential body. You can watch the interview below.

The meme was initially posted on November 24th, 2020 by an iFunny user named as BenShapiro. He posted a Schizoposting Rage Comic that shows someone is setting up large tesla coils disguised as trees around their compound and calling the UN saying “I hate the antichrist.”

Then it depicts that the character shocks them to death as they appear to detain him. Later the character is ruptured and allowed into heaven. The post ends with Bible verse; Psalms 37:13. This post has racked up 6,500 smiles and 220 comments so far.

Spread Of The Meme

After this post, the meme started spreading on iFunny over next few months. On 30th December 2020, an iFunny user named as Cassidy came up with a cropped part of the former post showing the Rage character on the phone saying “”I hate the antichrist” addressing a UN member in blue helmet, who is shown as  spitting out cereal. It got 2,400 smiles from the iFunny users in just two months.

The meme reached YouTube on January 20th, 2021. A YouTuber ItzMeTNT came up with an animated version of BenShapiro’s original Rage Comic. The video garnered more than 4000 views in just 2 months.

In February 2021, the meme started spreading on social media platforms. A redditor SirLulzingtonEsquire posted a comic to the subreddit, “/r/he_comes”. It gained 360 upvotes in just a month.

Following this, a twitter user came up with a version of the Self-Proclaimed Free Thinkers format using the phrase and depicting the robots as “blue helmets”. The meme game got stronger from here as multiple users came up with new versions of BenShapiro’s Rage Comic.

Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning, origin and spread of I Hate The Antichrist Meme. Let us know in the below comment box, if the article was helpful or not.

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