This Meme Is From The Future — Explained

An old meme “This Meme Is From The Future” has started flaunting on internet and one can finally understand that the meme has become present now. If you haven’t seen this meme earlier then here is all you need to know about its origin and spread. Keep Reading!

The resurgence of old memes on internet has become a ritual now. After ruling over all the internet platforms the memes get disappeared and then they appear again but with different meanings. These memes are mostly created by social media users and today we are going to talk about a meme that is created by some reddit users.

This meme was initially posted on reddit and now after its resurgence users have finally got the meme’s reference.

What Is “This Meme Is From The Future”

Image Of What Is This Meme Is From The Future

“This Meme Is From The Future” is a meme created by users from a networking site, Reddit. A user named “@danknessin_memesout” posted a meme on the Me IRL page of Reddit, with the caption “This meme is from the future.”

The Me IRL is a group on reddit that is created in 2012. The content on this post revolves around sarcastic comments related to mental health issues and self-deprecating humor.  There are 4.9 million members on the group and it is also popular on Twitter.

Some people consider the content on this group sensitive, while many others have come up with hilarious memes to express their mental health issues. These memes are widely praised by users from different social media platforms.

Origin Of This Meme Is From The Future

This confusing meme was initially posted on Reddit in year 2016. Me IRL is the group from where this meme originated, it was posted by a group member known on Reddit as @danknessin_memesout. He named the meme “this is a meme from the future.”

It shows an old man lifting his hands yup in the air screaming in four different colors and positions. You can check the original meme here. After being widely viral on internet in 2016, it settled after few months.

Me Irl This Meme Is From The Future

Image Of Me Irl This Meme Is From The Future

After being disappeared for almost four years, the meme has now appeared on the internet again. It is currently trending on the online video game Among Us.

After looking at the meme in present, people have finally understood that it predicted a video game released in 2018. This game is known as “Deltarune”, where a player has to control a human in a town full of monsters.

Some users have taken it to Twitter and have talked about the relevance of meme with the famous game Deltarune. One user explained the relevance on Twitter in following words, “remember when this image was posted years before deltarune and then deltarune happened and everyone collectively agreed that it was deltarune.”

This Meme Is From The Future You Dont Get The Reference Yet

Some users also have opinion that, besides being relevant with the game, the meme has also predicted about the mental health of people during the Covid days. People on internet are really curious to know if the user from reddit has really predicted the future.

Some Redditors do not believe this reference and they consider that the meme’s unpack time isn’t here yet. It will be unpacked in the year 42069. Due to this confusion we are yet to find the actual meaning of this meme.

Though the actual meaning of this meme isn’t confirmed yet, users are sharing their own versions of “This Meme Is From The Future” on Twitter.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the trending Meme on internet. Hope the article has equipped you with all available information related to this meme.

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