Dual Live On TikTok — Here’s How It Works

Like every other social media platforms, you can now experience Dual Live On TikTok as well. This feature enables the content creators to interact with the followers through live streaming. If you haven’t used this feature yet, then here is how it works! Keep scrolling.

Live streaming feature has been one of the popular trends on modern social media platforms. It allows the users to interact with their followers in a direct way.

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, TikTok has also provided it for its users but unlike other social media networks there are certain conditions for TikTok users to be able to have this feature. Keep reading to know all the requirements and ways to lay your hands over it.

What Is Dual Live On TikTok

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Dual Live is an advanced feature on most of the social media platforms that enable the two users to stream together. This live stream would be visible for audiences of both the users.

On Instagram, using this feature is quite simple, all you have to do is tap on the live option and any of your friends (in case of private account) or any random user (in case of public account) can send you request to join the live stream. You will then accept their request and your dual live streaming will begin.

TikTok has also launched this feature for its users but a bit later than every other social media platform. Currently, this feature is available for users having more than 1000 followers.

Another barrier for users is the age limit. Users having age below than 16 will not be able to go live. Users having age below 16 and followers less than 1000, will not even get the “Go Live” option in their app.

How To Dual Live On TikTok

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Going live won’t be a trouble for users who have more than 1000 followers and are above 16. You simply have to open the app and tap on Go Live option to start a direct chat with your followers.

Another improvement about this feature is that you can stream live with your friends as well. You can invite anyone to co-host the live streaming or you can simply use the icon in the bottom left-hand corner after both of you are live.

The important thing you need to consider is that you have to decide whoever you are going to be live with. Once you both are live at the decided time, anyone of you can tap on the icon on bottom left-hand corner to get into the dual live mode. After you have successfully joined the dual live session, both of your fans can watch the streaming.

The best part about Dual Live sessions is that it helps you to reach larger audience and it will be helpful to gain a bunch of new followers. Using this feature, content creators can collaborate together, hence providing one another opportunities for growth.

How Many Followers To Dual Live On TikTok?

However, the restrictions posed on the users to get this feature are quite annoying. TikTokers with less than 1000 followers are annoyed by this hurdle.

They have raised their concerns on various social media platforms and have requested the developers to install all necessary software updates to enable all the users to have this option. TikTok users have even started online petitions so that their voices can be heard by the TikTok officials.

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Bottom Line

TikTok has been user’s ultimate choice when it comes to entertainment. So, TikTok should also take care about the new users and should enable all its users to have this handy option.

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