Who Viewed Your TikTok Profile — Here’s How To Know

If you want to know Who Viewed Your TikTok Profile then you have reached the most relevant space. As usual we are here with some useful tricks to help you know who Viewed Your TikTok Profile. Read the article till the end and get to know who stalks your TikTok content silently.

Being a widely spread application, the Chinese video sharing app, TikTok is used in almost every corner of the world. As of now TikTok is being downloaded for more than 2 Billion times.

With some amazing built-in features TikTok enables the users to create unique content. Once you upload the videos, then your account experiences traffic influx. In all this process, there might be users who secretly stalk your profile, or there might be some who spy on your content.

To know about such accounts TikTok has some features about which you may haven’t heard before. Let’s discuss about how a user can keep a track of his/her stalkers. Keep reading!

How To Check Who Viewed Your TikTok Profile In 2021

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Keeping check on your TikTok profile was quite simple before, but with the new updates TikTok doesn’t allow its users to know who have visited their account. Before the recent update, the users used to receive a notification, telling about the people who have checked their profile and upon tapping on the notification they get to see the list of visitors on their profiles.

As the TikTok application is evolving since its launch, it has added certain features to its user interface while at the same time it has changed many other prior features. Users now do not receive a notification about who visited their profile and they cannot even see the names of people who watched the video. All they get to know is the views, likes comments and shares count.

If a user visits your profile and checks out your content, you will not be able to know about this using an updated version of TikTok. There also isn’t any third party application that enables to keep an eye on your stalkers, all you can know now is the number of followers, the dropped comments on videos and about the people who have shared your videos.

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Does TikTok Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile

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As of now TikTok doesn’t let its user to see who viewed their profile with the updated version. But how about using a prior version of TikTok? Well, that’s a brilliant idea! You can downgrade your TikTok version to get this feature again but you should also know that the prior versions will not allow you to use the updated features.

To know who checks your profile, firstly uninstall the updated version of TikTok you are currently having. Then look for an old version of TikTok to install in your device. Once you are done, go to the applications settings and turn off the auto update option so that your application will not automatically get updated.

We are not sure if TikTok will bring this feature again but till then you can follow the hack provided above to know if your crush is visiting your profile or not. I think, TikTok will not introduce this application again because all other social media applications also do not provide us such features.

On Facebook, Instagram and many other social media applications users don’t get notified about who visit their profile and takes screenshots. There are some third party applications that help you to know about your stalkers on Instagram but again that isn’t a built-in feature.

Bottom Line

After probing on various platforms, we have come to know that, TikTok no longer allows the users to know about their website visitors, the only option is to install an old version of TikTok but that might not support certain new features.

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