Ice In My Veins — All About The Viral TikTok Pose

TikTok users are obsessed with a new phrase “Ice In My Veins” but what does it actually mean? If you are wondering to know the meaning of this viral TikTok pose, then you are going through the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know all details about the new bandwagon from TikTok.

If you are a live user of TikTok, then you might have seen plenty of videos flaunting on your Tokfeed, where people are using the phrase “Ice In My Veins”. This phrase is being used with a bizarre hand gesture and most of the TikTok users are curious to know its meaning. If you are among those users, then let’s discover the meaning of this trending term.

What Is Ice In My Veins On TikTok

Image Of What Is Ice In My Veins On TikTok

TikTok users are obsessed with a brand new phrase and the Foryou page is filled with videos showing the users doing a weird hand gesture. After probing about this trendy phrase, we have got the information that, it comes from Sport. It is mostly used by the NBA stars and other sportsmen to show an expression of being clutch under pressure.

A website known as “Merriam Webster” has explained the term in following words. “The ability to remain very calm and controlled in a situation in which other people would become upset or afraid I can’t believe how calm she was the whole time.”

While creating the videos, users are pointing towards the veins in their arms, it signifies having ice in their arms. It actually doesn’t mean that they have ice in their veins but it means that they can behave calmly even in pressure.

In other words, they can stay calm in pressure and grasp the opportunity. This phrase is often used when players feel cool under pressure during the last minute of sport.

Who Started Ice In My Veins

Image Of Who Started Ice In My Veins

The pose and this viral phrase is associated with the Los Angeles Lakers player D’Angleo Russell. This is the victory pose of Russell. He points at his nerves of the opposite arm ““ice in his veins” as a celebratoty pose after scoring clutch plays.

According to some other websites, Russell’s father used this phrase to Russell for preparing him for big moments. When Russell was quite young, his father taught him that he have to have “ice in his veins”.

Ice In My Veins Pose Meme

After reaching the video sharing application, the meaning of this phrase has slightly changed. People on TikTok are using the hand gesture and the phrase to reveal a truth or reality about themself.

In the beginning the TikTok users put their two fingers on their opposite arm and the song Hayloft by Mother Mother plays in the background. Along with this text appears on the screen that explains the truth they are going to reveal.

Usually, the videos involved in this trend include two video clips. In the start, user explains a story about their life and the next clips starts where they can be seen placing two fingers on their arms. While placing the fingers on their arm, they reveal a big secret related to their life. Some users know this challenge as the “It Started with a ‘Hey’” challenge.

So far the trendy hashtag #iceinmyveins has racked up over 11.5 million views. Many users have used the phrase and the hand gesture to create meme videos. While rest of the users have made this celebratory pose as a universal truth-telling symbol.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the recent viral phrase Ice In My Veins. Hope the article has provided enough information about this popular trend from the video sharing app.

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