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Are you probing to know about Kallmekris TikTok? Looking to know her age, net worth and bio? If yes, then you are going through the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this famous content creator from TikTok.

TikTok has proved to be an amazing platform for the new talent. It has helped many users to grow their career. Using this video sharing application, users have gathered name, fame and money while staying at home especially during the lockdown.

It has helped the artists to reach massive audience and to showcase their talent using minimal resources. So many users have amassed millions of followers and they are getting millions of hearts from their fans.

Furthermore, with every passing day we are getting to see new personalities with unimaginable talents. Their skills and video content has amazed people from all over the world. Thanks to this video sharing application, that has enabled us to witness such talent closely.

Today in this article we will talk about a TikTok star, who has racked up millions of followers in less than a year. Stay tuned!

Who Is Kallmekris On TikTok

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Kris Collins, known on social media as Kallmekris is a Canadian TikTok celebrity with more than 24 million followers. She rose to fame because of her hilarious videos during the Corona pandemic. So far, this famous TikTok video creator is 25 million likes short of hitting 1 billion on her TikTok videos.

According to some celebrity websites, she is a former hairdresser who was introduced to TikTok by her brother. Her brother forced her to download the app, and when she got the app on her phone, she was stunned looking at the variety of content on the app.

She took few days, to watch the content revolving around humor, dances, DIY projects and many others before starting to create the content. After getting viral on TikTok, she became popular on other social media platforms as well. Kallmekris is close to 1 million followers on her Instagram account while her YouTube channel is being followed by 570K subscribers.

Kallmekris Age

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Born on 1st July 1996, she is currently 24 years old. Collins is the second-eldest sibling. Before getting famous on TikTok, she used to work as hairdresser on television and movie sets. While replying to one of her fans questions she said, “The set was pretty good and the cast was relatively nice,”

Before the pandemic year, it was Collins third year as a hairdresser. While talking about her profession she said that she was not good at hairdressing. Her first attempt as a hairdresser was miserable as her clients hair fell off due to botched bleach.

While talking about this incident she wrote in her Q&A section, “The first week, I bleached somebody’s hair and it turned green somehow and fell off,”

Kallmekris Bio

Kallmekris never thought of becoming a content creator though she was very good at comedy. After getting abandoned at home due to Corona Virus, he brother suggested her to download the TikTok app. After installing TikTok on her phone, she thought if pursuing her dream of becoming a content creator.

Collin started creating lip-syncing comedy clips with funny captions and hilarious facial expressions. Considering the growing number of followers, she started to create original skits and then she got massive attention from the TikTok community.

While talking about the role of TikTok in helping her to express her talent she said, “I never joined TikTok to become TikTok famous. I literally did it to pass the time and all this kind of happened.

But I’ve always been super into comedy — when I was little I always wanted to be a standup comedian, all that kind of stuff. So now that all this is kind of happening, it is kind of cool that I can start to have platforms where I can be creative.”

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Last Words

This was all about the famous comedy star Kallmekris TikTok. Hope the article has provided enough information about this gorgeous comedian.

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