Indigo Raptor TikTok — The Mysterious Death Of User

If you are live on TikTok then you might have heard about the ongoing Indigo Raptor TikTok controversy. According to the TikTok users Indigo Raptor has killed himself in a live stream. But is it a fact based opinion or just a rumor? Want to know more about this TikTok user? If yes, then you are on the right post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this ongoing controversy.

According to some TikTok users, Indigo Raptor was an anthropomorphic video creator. To all of readers who don’t know what anthropomorphic is, it is the sense that he would dress up as a dinosaur and gives it a human touch as a form of feature. This concept is taken from a hybrid dinosaur created by Dr. Henry in the movie Jurassic Park. The word Indigo Raptor stands for “Wild Thief”

Let’s get in deep to know what happened to Indigo Raptor and who has discussed about his death for the very first time. Stick with us!

Who Is Indigo Raptor?

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According to some online reports, Indigo Raptor was a young content creator. He was 10 years old only. He had a TikTok account under the user name @indigo_raptor. Mainly his content included anthropomorphic ideas and caricatures of dinosaurs.

This video creator was also part of TikTok subculture furry fandom. Currently, his account is not available on TikTok but another user with the similar name has started posting videos related to alleged death of the original Indigo Raptor. Besides this there isn’t any more information about Indigo Raptor on any of the platforms.

Indigo Raptor Death

According to the news flaunting on TikTok, Indigo Raptor is no more in this world. According to some online discussion he has killed himself after being bullied by people. After receiving hateful comments from people on internet platforms he took his life during a live stream. However there isn’t any confirm news related to his death. So, we can’t rely on all the news flaunting on social media.

The user Indigo Raptor came into consideration after a new user with a similar user name has landed on the video sharing application. According to the videos shared by this new account, Indigo Raptor is no more in this world. He has taken his life due to the hate he received.

This new user has further written “I won’t talk about it much, it’s very sad that such things happen out of hate. I heard that he/she hanged herself on live, I don’t know how much truth in that but please don’t hate furry. And remember I’m not a real Indigo”

What Happened On The Indigo Raptor TikTok Live Stream?

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After listening about the incident, TikTok users are curious to know if it’s true. Many other content creators have already accepted this news and many of them are giving their condolences to the original Indigo Raptor and his family. A member from Furry Fandom named as @cooperwolfy4 has also come forward to extend his condolences to Indigo Raptor and family.

Some users have reported that the bullying may be caused by TikTok groups such as ‘Hamster Cult’ and ‘The Boys, yet again these are all just speculations. According to another video shared from new Indigo Raptor’s account, the incident took place in 2016.

Though so many similar news are spiraling on TikTok regarding his death, we can consider them all mere speculations until we get any confirmation regarding the incident.

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Final Words

This was all about the story of TikTok content creator Indigo Raptor. The information provided in this article is taken from social media reports, we just request you all to consider them speculations until we get any confirmed news.

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  1. Im pretty sure she is not dead, Cause if she really would be dead it would be in News or her Family would respond those many questions what have asked.
    (Remeber that this just my opinion!)


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