Shower Onions TikTok — Shower Onion Video Gone Viral

Have you seen people talking about the Shower Onions TikTok? Do you want to know if it is a real thing or just a prank? If yes, then you have stopped on the most related post. Keep reading and get to know all information about the viral Shower Onions TikTok and its back-story.

TikTok is home to unique challenges and trends, if you are live on TikTok you must have learned bunches of useful hacks. Being a widespread application it has a pool of live users from every corner of the world, so there are millions of brainy people who come with useful content every single day. Currently TikTok users are probing to know about the shower onions mystery.

In today’s article we will discuss about the shower onions mystery and the viral Shower Onions TikTok video. Stay tuned!

What Is Shower Onions On TikTok About

Image Of What Is Shower Onions On TikTok About

Shower Onions TikTok is a viral video uploaded by a user known on TikTok as Karalynn Dunton. Viewers have got confused as they saw onions in the bathroom. According to the video creator, she was on her first date with a guy she met online. She films some onions kept inside the washroom as it was quite unusual for her.

This video was rolled on TikTok on 4th of February. As of now, this video has amassed 6.2million views and the count is still on. After watching the video, most of viewers are confused as they are not able to relate onions with showers. Some have considered it as a prank while very few know the logic behind this.

After this viral video, Karalynn uploaded another video that features her picking one of the shower onions and bite it. After this video was uploaded, most of the users are considering the previous video to be a prank or a joke.

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Shower Onions Purpose

Image Of Shower Onions Purpose

After the viral shower onion video, the video creator has posted several other videos justifying that the shower onions are real things. Still, some users are not ready to believe her.

Here is what one user said regarding the video, “you’re not going to convince me this is a thing. It can’t be. And I’m from weird places. I would know. I think…” Another Twitter user wrote, “I’m unconvinced this isn’t a cross TikTok\twitter performance art practical joke.”

Some users, who are already aware about “shower onions”, have also given their opinion. Here is what one user has replied to the question, “did you ever figure it out? This is the first time I’ve heard of it!” Here is the reply, Odor control for bathrooms with not so good ventilation from what I heard.

Though there are plenty of uses of Onion but very few of us know about them. You can place a half freshly cut onion in a stinky washroom to help remove the bathroom’s odors. Initially it may seem counterproductive as freshly cut onions release their own smell but later it will start to absorb all the odors from surrounding.

A company called as SafeSpace has explained the fact in following words, “Leave the onion in the room overnight. Although it will obviously smell like an onion at the start, the vegetable will absorb surrounding odors and lose its own smell. When you remove it the next day, the air should be fresh and odor-free.”

Besides this, shower onions can also be used to minimize pregnancy pain. The Shower Onions TikTok video has created awareness among the TikTok users related to possible uses of onions. As of now the hash tag #showeronion has racked 12.6 million views on the video sharing app.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the viral shower onion video. Hope the article has provided enough information related to this trendy video.

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