Instagram Eyebrows Trend — The Beauty Trend Explained

A viral Instagram trend from 2014, named Instagram Eyebrows Trend has resurfaced on the platform and users seem obsessed with it. If you haven’t heard about what Instagram eyebrows mean, here is everything you need to know about.

Among all the social media platforms, TikTok trends are immensely popular but Instagram trends are no way behind. This time Instagram users are behind the eyebrows trend that has resurfaced on the photo-sharing platform after fading away in the year 2014.

Gone are days when Instagram models and influencers used to flaunt thin and light eyebrows. Now, every fashion influencer loves to flaunt thick eyebrows and so do their followers.

From popular Instagram influencers like Kylie Jenner to Patrick Starrr, you will spot thick eyebrows everywhere. But not everyone is blessed with naturally thick eyebrows; this is why the viral Instagram Eyebrows trend has made its way to the platform.

What Is Eyebrows Trend On Instagram?

Image Of What Is Eyebrows Trend On Instagram

Eyebrows Trend is a viral trend that is currently taking over Instagram. Although this viral trend hasn’t been spotted on the app for the first time, the trend is getting immensely popular.

This viral trend first emerged in 2014 and it faded away within a few weeks. However, it has hopped again on the popular social media app and is becoming more popular than before.

As the name suggests, the Eyebrows Trend On Instagram simply mean ‘drawing your eyebrows in a certain way’. The art starts out a little lighter and it becomes thicker as it reaches the end. This tactic doesn’t only help your eyebrows look thick but it also helps you get a natural look.

This popular Instagram trend has started after social media users witnessed thick and fuller eyebrows of numerous popular, high-profile celebrities.

In 2014, when the trend just emerged Kylie launched her cosmetic brand. It was the same time when Kardashian’s sister started flaunting her thick and fuller eyebrows. This is where the eyebrow trend of Instagram emerged.

As the trend became viral in 2014, several content creators came up with tutorials to help the girl gang get thicker and fuller eyebrows.

Currently, thousands of makeup artists and fashion influencers have rolled posts containing images and videos showcasing thicker eyebrows. Many of them have created tutorials to help the rest of the audience get these trendy eyebrows. The hashtag #instagrameyebrows is surrounded by over 2.5K posts.

Instagram Eyebrows Meaning

Image Of Instagram Eyebrows Meaning

While thousands of Instagram users have participated in this viral trend, there are also some who aren’t in the favor of thick eyebrows.

Some Instagram users have revealed that they have found the thick brows scary and they ruin the overall look.

Several makeup artists have also criticized the trend for ruining the beauty standards they have been following for so long.

Talking about how the thicker eyebrows seem frightening Wayne Goss a YouTube makeup sensation said, “Eyebrows are a frame. Now imagine buying the most beautiful picture you’ve ever seen. One of sheer beauty. And then you put it in the darkest, thickest, ugliest frame you’ve ever seen. That’s what happens when you go mental on the brows.”

However, comparing the critics and fans of this trend, we have found very few critics. Most of the Instagram users and fashion freaks seem comfortable with the trend. And all of them are flaunting their thick eyebrows proudly. Thus, the eyebrow trend from Instagram has become immensely popular on the internet.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Instagram eyebrows trend and reasons for its popularity. What is your opinion about this new trend? Are you in favor of thicker eyebrows or do the light eyebrows attract you the most? Let us know in the below comment box.

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