Who Is Rita Fox — OnlyFans Star Making Head Lines

Internet users are snooping across the internet to find details about who Rita Fox is and after she has been jailed. Rita Fox, who is an OnlyFans creator, has ended behind the bars for flashing her posterior in a picture taken outside the Kremlin. Here is more about this case.

According to the initial reports, the OnlyFans star Rita Fox is been sent to jail for 14 days following the charges of ‘petty hooliganism”.

This is not the first case of public flashing in Russia, since the last few weeks several bloggers and content creators have been penalized and jailed following these same charges.

Here is more about why bloggers are practicing public flashing and how many of them are being jailed so far. Stay tuned!

Who Is Rita Fox?

Image Of Who Is Rita Fox

Rita Fox is an OnlyFans star and her real name is Ksenia Damova. According to her OnlyFans account she lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has rolled over 170 posts on her private OnlyFans account so far.

After posing bare-bottomed outside the Kremlin (where Russian President Vladimir Putin resides) the internet star has landed in trouble. She has been sentenced to 14 days of jail.

However, the internet star doesn’t seem worried about her sentence. Even after the incident, this OnlyFans star has rolled some pictures joking about the arrest. In one of her recent posts she wrote, “I’ll only walk like this after I’m released. 2 weeks behind bars and I’m like a policeman myself.”

She further added, “My a** has become famous all over Russia. And the price of this fame is 14 days behind bars. Instead of catching the real criminals, they decided to punish me for this photo against the background of the Moscow Kremlin.”

Currently, Rita is just 20-years-old. According to her Twitter handle, she has also worked in adult films. Her Twitter and Telegram handles are restricted for containing explicit content. This popular OnlyFans star has amassed over 4631 followers on Twitter. Her Twitter account is mainly comprised of explicit content.

Rita also has a public Instagram handle where she has amassed over 1K followers. She only has uploaded 5 posts on her Instagram handle. Seems like she has joined Instagram recently. Her first Instagram post was rolled on the platform in January 2021.

Rita Fox Arrested

Image Of Rita Fox Arrested

Kremlin, where the current president of Russia resides is the symbol of Russian and Soviet power. Thus, it is one of the revered structures in Moscow.

After facing backlash nationwide, Rita explained that she never wanted to “offend our grandfathers and great-grandfathers” by flashing her bottom in the picture.

“I have always been a patriot. I love Russia. For the first time in my life, I decided to go see the Kremlin and Red Square”, she further added.

However, Rita isn’t the only internet personality who has been charged for flashing her posterior. Just in the last week, another social media influencer named Ira Volkova was arrested for showing her posterior outside St Isaac’s Cathedral. According to the reports, this picture was taken in summer but it became viral recently thus paving her path towards jail.

Another popular content creator named Ruslan Bobiev from Tajikistan was also penalized. He was punished for posting a photo showcasing him doing an intimate act with a lady outside the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

Although Rita is currently serving her charges in jail, the online celebrity doesn’t seem ashamed at all.

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Last Words

This was all about who Rita Fox is and why is she being imprisoned. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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