Instagram Highlight Covers Are Not Working — But Why?

Instagram users have flooded Twitter with complaints as the Instagram highlight covers are not working. Although Instagram has not responded to the users’ complaints, we have gathered all information about this Instagram glitch. Stay Tuned!

Just recently Instagram users were complaining about the platform’s ‘add sticker’ option that had stopped working, and now they are talking about another glitch where the highlight covers are not working.

Although Instagram stories expire in just 24 hours you can keep your stories live on your handle by adding them to highlights. You can add several stories to a single highlight and to manage it well you can add a cover to your highlight. When applied, the cover represents the content that the highlight bears.

Most recently users have found that the covers have stopped working. Here is all you need to know about this glitch.

Why Is Instagram Highlight Cover Not Working?

Image Of Why Is Instagram Highlight Cover Not Working

Users on Instagram have found that their highlight covers have stopped working. They have also found that their cover is being replaced by the first image in their highlight and they are unable to set the cover again. Even after re-selecting, the cover doesn’t work.

Numerous users are being frustrated about this glitch and they have taken it to Twitter and several other social media platforms.

After witnessing the glitch, several users have directly reached Instagram. One user wrote on Twitter, “@Instagram. Story highlight changed automatically. Seems like a bug. Please fix this.” Another said, “Did anyone else’s Instagram change their story highlight covers? Wtf @instagram”.

“Instagram has changed all my highlight covers and it won’t let me change them back pls help”, said another user.

Even though several users have talked about the glitch, Instagram has not responded to any of the concerns yet.

One user who has found a solution to this problem said that, instead of “using a picture from one of your stories, you should try to change the cover photo to a photo that’s on your camera roll”. If the issue is not getting resolved, you can try some other troubleshooting issues. We have provided some troubleshooting issues in the proceeding paragraphs. Stay tuned!

Instagram Highlight Covers Not Working

Image Of Instagram Highlight Covers Not Working

Instagram has not responded to any of the complaints and they also haven’t provided any solution so far. But we are providing some fixes in the below section that might help you fix this glitch.

  • Firstly, shut down your Instagram app and re-launch it. Reset the highlight cover and check if the option works.
  • Log out your Instagram account and log into it again. Check if the cover works has started working now.
  • Turn off your phone, turn it on again. Lunch your Insta app and check if it works.
  • If none of the above fixes work, uninstall your Instagram app and the reinstall it from the app store.
  • Once you reinstall your Instagram account, try changing your highlight cover one more time.
  • You must also check on your cover if it has been mistakenly removed from the highlight.
  • Although none of the fixes are surefire solutions but you can try your luck.

If none of the above fixes work, wait for Instagram to address the issue. Hopefully, Instagram will fix this current glitch very soon. Instagram may also fix this issue on its own, so let them handle this glitch and wait for the issue to get resolved.

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Last Words

This was all about why Instagram Highlight Covers Are Not Working and how this glitch can be fixed. Although there isn’t any official fix for this issue, you can still try the above solutions to have your highlight covers again.

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