YouTube Removed The Dislike Button — But Why? Find Here

Rumors claiming that YouTube has removed the dislike button are flaunting across the social media platforms and users are looking to know the reason behind it. Whether YouTube is planning to remove the dislike button or not, here is everything you need to know about it.

Just recently, YouTube was experimenting on removing the dislike button for users. It experimented for a few users and these YouTube users were baffled after not being able to spot the dislike button. The purpose behind this experiment was to figure out if it will help lessen the chances of ‘dislike attacks.’

However, YouTube has announced that they won’t remove the ‘dislike’ button but make the dislike count private. Here is more about why YouTube has taken the decision to make the dislike count private.

Why Did YouTube Remove The Dislike Button?

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In a recent report, YouTube has addressed the rumors about the removal of the dislike button from the platform. According to YouTube’s report, the dislike button will exist but the dislike count will be made private.

While addressing the reason behind why the dislike count is made private, YouTube revealed that they want to protect its content creators from harassment. It will also cut off the risk of dislike attacks’.

‘Dislike attacks’ refer to the group of people who deliberately attack a content creator to soar up the number of dislikes on their video.

Talking about it YouTube said, “Earlier this year, we experimented with the dislike button to see whether or not changes could help better protect our creators from harassment, and reduce dislike attacks – where people work to drive up the number of dislikes on a creator’s videos.”

YouTube also discussed the struggle of growing content creators against dislike attacks. The newbies on YouTube often get unfairly targeted thus YouTube has worked on this update.

But, it is important to understand that the dislike button is not going to be removed from the app, it will exist there but you won’t be able to know the number of dislikes on a specific YouTube video.

Is YouTube Dislike Button Removed?

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No, the YouTube dislike button is not going to be removed from the platform. Only, dislike counts will be made private.

YouTube users are still able to tap on the dislike button to signal their dissatisfaction but your recommendation will be visible for the content creator only. While TikTok users will be able to track their dislikes alongside other analytics data on their channel.

As soon as users have heard about the removal of the dislike button from the platform, they have taken it to Twitter. Here is what users think about this decision made by YouTube.

One user wrote on Twitter, “Oh… no…. now I know why YouTube removed the dislike button, so we watch the video even if it’s the wrong guide. So we’ll go through a lot of ads before we get the right video guide.”

Another said, Turned out the thing people “like” most about YouTube was the “dislike” button.

“@YouTube removed the dislike button? Damn these bitches must still be salty about the reception YouTube rewinds 2018 and 2019 got. Good job guys, you got rid of the best way to see if a video is sh*t or not. Keep up the unproductive work”, added another.

“I don’t understand why YouTube is removing the dislike Button. It’s like they want criticism to be the only thing that makes content makers get better”, said another.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the controversies revolving around YouTube’s dislike button. Hopefully, you have got all the details you needed to know.

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